Group 728

Puzzle 1

Outdoor game with guns firing what artists use
Michael host of a popular chat show
Hands-off control system on an aircraft
2004 sports comedy starring Ben Stiller
A pattern made up of shapes
Pecking order; ranking of needs
Handheld game console, rival of the GameBoy
Human ; recruitment department of a company
Larynx spasm caused by object or bad thoughts
Disgusting, revolting, nauseating
Reddened extremity caused by the cold
Dart-firing weapons
Workplace canteen, somewhere to eat
Strait between Corsica and Sardinia
Red roadside construction for posting letters
Large flightless bird native to New Guinea
Lead singer who formed Radiohead
Early style of New Orleans jazz
Device that blows hot air for styling wet locks
Appointed role of a famous painter during conflict
Japanese electronics company of TVs, cameras, etc
Thrust or pushed forwards
Person who writes for a living
Fruits used to make guacamole
Byzantine Emperor from 527 to 565 AD: I
Evil fairy in Tchaikovsky’s The Sleeping Beauty
Conflict fought in East Asia from 1950-53

Puzzle 2

In a paternal way
Hot drink with leaves that have not turned brown
Endemic taro leaf-shaped winged-mammal
The Tool Man on Home Improvement
Most stark or depressing
Hot drink with leaves that have not been oxidized
The Philippines’ second-largest island after Luzon
William Goldman book The Bride
Game using an underhand pitch to batters
Papers that have a pH of 7-9
Tweezing hairs from the eyebrows

Puzzle 3

Occultist who did Good Queen Bess’s horoscopes
Polite and ingenious irony
Pattern of stars in the sky
The substance that gives inks or paints their hues
Italian astronomer; father of modern physics
Coarse grained rock commonly used in buildings
Long, usually black, garment worn by clergymen
Assassinated British Prime Minister: Perceval
First name of US composer Aaron
Thief who breaks into houses
Indicated with a finger
Hungarian-Spanish red powdered spice
Rift; brand of VR headsets released in 2016

Puzzle 4

Sikh worship places
Housing period famed for Skara Brae and Jericho
Penguin species with distinctive neck band
Small triangular bone of the eye socket
Artistic craft of creating raised patterns
Color of the sky in Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
Ask for money, often holding a bucket
People who take over & live in abandoned buildings
Cinema building with several screens
Toy such as Trivial Pursuit, played with friends
Rolling terrain

Puzzle 5

When the wind blows gently
Diego Mexican painter married to Frida Kahlo
Action film had theme song You Take My Breath Away
Cautioned about an impending risk
David ; germ-phobic CSI lab technician
Dwight Filley Davis donated a cup for this sport
Formal words said to an audience
Decorative ornament with knotted cord
Cosmetics used to transform appearance
A wooden block tied to the feet of grazing horses
Himachal Pradesh city, once India’s summer capital
This legume butter is a natural with jelly