Group 727

Puzzle 1

Mother of Mean Girls actress Lindsay
Trip outdoors with fun things planned
Large white seabird nicknamed a gooney
Laid by the goose in Aesop’s Fables
Exaggerated visual comedy style, with props
Herbs used as a finishing touch on a dish
Competition among others, like eating cinnamon
1995 album of romantic ballads, by Elton John
Building, NY icon for a five-and-dime merchant
Students who have completed university degrees
Styling tool for locks
Conceit, big-headedness
Islands where the world’s biggest tortoises live
Family members and their domicile
Styling tool revolutionized by Lyda Newman

Puzzle 2

Famous Raphael fresco: The School of
Fortune telling by the flight of birds
Repeated refrain of a song
Act of putting a dead person in a grave or tomb
Extendable canvas roof for a tent or motorhome
Fly under the radar, attempt to go unnoticed
Giant dust cloud in space
Horse’s head chess piece that moves in an L shape
Nonprofit supporters
Latex hand protectors
Name of Paul McCartney’s Old English sheep dog
Additions to SLR cameras for arty purposes
A, AB, B, and O are blood
Harris dated Taylor Swift and got a hit song
It follows you everywhere
Shiny description of well-conditioned hair
Strand on a desert island
Near-human species from Iridonia in Star Wars
Scrubbing instrument that can absorb water
Sussex, Cambs college attended by Cromwell
Written draft of a play
Hold out against
Ring-shaped bread rolls

Puzzle 3

Having been straightened, disentangled
Genuine, enduring affection
Complained about
Can be counted on
Publisher of Batman and Robin
Decide the outcome before examining fully
Software that alters a singer’s off-key pitch
Describes a sudden occurrence of spotty skin
Triathletes Alistair and Jonny the brothers
Pictures created with scraps of colored paper
Hinged blades used to cut paper, fabric etc.
Decisive battle in the Norman conquest of England
Stealing multiple vehicles from drivers
A predilection or tendency to do something
Papier-mâché satirical dummies or large heads
Wearing outfits that are the same
Decorate, adorn, especially in heraldry
Revolving fast
A photo collection showcasing a fashion line
Classic Italian tomato sauce
A being with the inability to die

Puzzle 4

Substance that cleans up oily surfaces
The opposite of a hardcover book
Schedule and plan of things to do on a day trip
Making the surface of a cake flat
Food purchased at a store and kept at home
Dental pain
Lady courted in the song A Bicycle Built for Two
That special something that bowls people over
Horse kept solely to produce young
Quality of being able to be easily damaged
Broadcast of a Q&A session with a celebrity
Coloring agents
Engraved with a name or other text
Valuation, estimate of how much an item is worth
The sainted patroness of the city of Paris

Puzzle 5

Biography, a listing of attributes on a dating app
Glimmer, gleam
Peter, Peter, -Eater, old English nursery rhyme
Saint- French city or English dance band
Nazis forced Jews to wear a Star of David on this
Fate or kismet
Dear Sir ; formal opening to a letter
Because you’re ; ad slogan of L’Oréal Paris
Japanese puppet display with visible puppeteers
Moreover, or more to the point
Tight-knit social groups
A snake is this type of animal
Take part in, participate in a sports race or game
Train of a-ha ditty with puzzling lyrics
What models showcase on the catwalk
Noisemaker blown to attract attention in a crisis
Gomer Pyle’s military rank
Ridge of coarse sediment formed by waves
Like Dalí, Kahlo’s paintings were (bizarre)
Making models of hands or feet from plaster
Steeping food in salt water before cooking
Parts of the body that can be affected by styes
Space or hole that one can enter