Group 726

Puzzle 1

Japanese ecommerce company, owners of
It delays progress, a holdup, a hindrance
Date each year when day and night are equal length
Animals used for luck by sports teams
Ability to sustain physical effort
Live music show, often at a stadium or arena
Pendants that contain treasured photos
Drive together as a group
Special anniversary, such as golden or diamond
To exceed expectations, over-deliver
Antipathy, aversion towards something
Smartphone operating system, not iOS

Puzzle 2

Beg, borrow, solicit, sponge
Stone statue often seen on a church roof
Deliberately or intentionally included
Small, stringed instrument similar to a lute
A bridge used to transport water
Cuddled warmly
Spanish conquistadors founded it, Chile’s capital
Mind your manners and say please and this
Asian legumes used to make tofu
Sheets of paper attached together, for writing in

Puzzle 3

Isle of Wight sailing festival in August
Colonies of marine life and home of many animals
Deceitfulness, disloyalty, deception
They hold body joints together
Advocates of women’s rights
Extreme or severe in a description of the weather
razor, old-fashioned item for cutting whiskers
Dice-based cross-and-circle board game
Metalworker’s fuel-burning tool with flames
Scoop for a newspaper
Holding Back the Years band
Leo ; described the continent south of Europe
Small and insignificant person
Responsible for the Baudelaire’s guardianship
Bond theme tune sung by Tina Turner
Greenish colour used in medieval Italian frescoes
Holiday when it’s traditional to sing carols
Cate starred with Brad Pitt in Babel
Nonsense, it crosses a red flower and a chicken
Soothing balms
Devices used to show magnetic North

Puzzle 4

road; alternative to a very busy route
Pull a con
Animals are trained to perform these
Anxiety or nervousness, often screamed
Greer 1940s Elizabeth Bennet opposite Olivier
Composer of the opera Das Rheingold
Filaments twisted together
State of emergency
Brand of two-wheeled motorized scooter
Paper ; decorative circular links
Tiger Woods is one
Male feline
Zlotys are the currency of this European country
Undercover stooges placed in magic show audiences
Joining together, like wires
Masculine version of mistress
Groups of ships that travel together
Mural painting laid on wet plaster
Knowledge possessed by Solomon

Puzzle 5

Tidiness, orderliness
Resting and calming
Common bad guys in Minecraft
They don’t cry, according to Frankie Valli song
Something that sucks up a liquid, like a sponge
Photographer’s device for viewing negatives
Springing movement of gazelles and antelopes
This is palming an extra ace or rolling twice
Got one’s balance, found a firmer footing
committee, those who decide upon agendas
Croissants, pains au chocolat are these
Movement/displacement of peoples around the world
Splinter pickers
Lessen, reduce
Nothing but words demanded in court
Rocky islets
Booty dancing craze
Spa treatment for feet
Marco tennis-playing younger brother to Novak
Assign, set aside for a specific task