Group 725

Puzzle 1

Pair of hand-drums often held between the knees
Baby ones of these fluffy camelids are crias
Legal contract entered into before a marriage
Leftovers, like food or metal
Sport in which each round takes three minutes
Scarlet effects from flash photography
Fire ; emergency exit invented by Anna Connelly
Strong chemical for removing stains
Leaf sugar substitute first used by the Guarani

Puzzle 2

Announce openly and publicly
Rice baked milky dessert
Use a special bin to sort materials for reuse
Online audio show that can be streamed, downloaded
Needle-drawn image created on a metal plate
Over a longer distance
Single Ladies singer’s fan club name
Strips of fabric or leather under shoes’ laces
The makers of Stop, CodyCross
Portman; Padmé Amidala in Star Wars
Altered states of reality
Publicly support or voice approval for a candidate
Bladdered device for blowing air into open fires

Puzzle 3

Baton ; agile sport of majorettes
Process or key turn responsible for starting a car
Surgical knives for facelifts
Hard rubber substance used in baking trays
A tiny bit, a particle
Becoming better with age
Online ID needed to access an account
Former southern African state; modern-day Zimbabwe

Puzzle 4

One who gets students to school
Analytica, data firm in scandal with Facebook
After-school stay as punishment
The great & good are placed on them, to be revered
Outline, internal structure
Full of life
Trial of an emergency evacuation procedure
Flowers known for fragrance, creamy-white blooms
People link like this to sing Auld Lang Syne
F. Scott Fitzgerald’s partying millionaire

Puzzle 5

Artist who uses walls and the ground as canvases
An emery board by another name
How you say goodbye in French
Not cautious, negligent
Pie topping made of baked egg whites and sugar
Romantic scarlet blooms, often sold by the dozen
Fury and World War Z star
Uncontrolled mass running of wild animals
Winter sport, sliding head-first down an ice track
Tight tie or binding