Group 724

Puzzle 1

Tiny handbag with carrying strap
Title given to a military or intelligence mission
Boundaries, limitations, restrictions
Preparing in advance for an event
Patch of liquid petroleum spilled in ocean waters
Formal written request against a motion
Peer coercion or force from friends to conform
Throwing and rotating three objects in the air
Short news broadcast; an Internet noticeboard
Debris that remains after a ship sinks
Prepared fried squid, often eaten as a starter
Cartridge with a recorded tape

Puzzle 2

Add this shiny makeup to the tops of cheekbones
Aussie decorative stick brought back from holidays
Canadian port named the world’s polar bear capital
Enticing links that are a must-read
Accuracy, exactitude
Modifying rhythm by accenting the weak beat
Attempts by politicians to win elections
is bliss
Fast craft that travels on water and sets records
Small drinking container used for measuring spirits
Sturdiness, durability

Puzzle 3

Musical genre made popular by Nirvana
Type of pipe the Caterpillar smokes in Wonderland
Pressed Italian grilled sandwich
Decorative clothes fastener
This type of club is interested in plants
Bets, gambles, flutters
Italian lagoon city famous for its carnival
Underground transportation system
Author of the Origin of Species
Hypothesis, way of explaining something
N American desert with Death Valley at its edge

Puzzle 4

Drawn edges around a figure
With far-reaching consequences, pivotal
Make a knife less blunt
Make allowances or excuses for something
Cosmetic used to darken eyelashes
Delivery driver who carries parcels and letters
Portable cassette player, popular in the 1980s
Popeye’s preferred food
Fast car brand, including the Cayenne
Biblical giant
Contract with real estate agent to sell a house
One of three babies born at the same time
Patch of rough, hard skin on a person’s foot

Puzzle 5

Searing food to make it turn darker
Every so often; at random times
Building used for fabrication of goods
Button on a screen that adjusts clarity
Measure between high and low tides
Foretells what is going to happen
Invention of the Swedish chemist Alfred Nobel
Signed up, e.g. to a course
Spreads like ; when news or gossip travels fast
Lie crime-fighting device aka a polygraph
Reef predator named after king of the jungle
Exact reverse of something else