Group 723

Puzzle 1

Blood-sucking undead creature, e.g. Dracula
Long sensor on an insect’s head
Number of miles away when completely distracted
Initial business venture
Speared upon something, like a fence spike
awareness; understanding of your own position
Inability to process smells, sounds, shapes
Adele sang the title theme for this Bond film
The scientific study of life

Puzzle 2

Mata, happiness and long life Hindu goddess
Dig up, remove soil for building foundations
Funeral person who arranges the final goodbye
Birds of prey, like turkey vultures
Dental condition with protruding upper jaw
Extra text added to a speech at a later stage
Pieces of hair that fall in corkscrew curls
Altered something for the better, upcycled
Dead in without hope of success
Bragging, immodest, showing off
Arnold who goes with eggs and hollandaise
Three-dimensional representation of a human
Defeat, conquer, overcome in battle
cap; imaginary hat worn when pondering
Vocabulary banter used in crosswords
Japanese music festival on the side of a mountain

Puzzle 3

Clammy, hot state after exercise
Preparing and primping before a photo
Bamboozle or totally confuse someone
Needle that draws music from a groove
Suit jacket or sport coat
Radiant and dazzling; clever
Rue de Parisian street, the site of the Louvre
Fortune ; clairvoyant who predicts the future
Motto or catchphrase
seeker; person seeking refuge or sanctuary

Puzzle 4

Paring down a piece of wood with a knife
Ability to predict what will happen in the future
Cover the seat of a chair with fabric
On a smartphone, you write in these
Font or typeface used in an inscription
Major river flowing through Syria to Iraq
Collective decision reached by a group
Well thought out and not wasteful
Pain ; tolerance level of discomfort
Organized and not wasteful

Puzzle 5

The final insult or piece of misfortune
Charity that makes kids’ dreams come true
General term for chemical that kills insects
Gesture of indifference using one’s shoulders
Deeply sincere, earnest, profound
Outgoing and sociable person
Bodhi, or the activation of a Buddha’s wisdom
High-profile theater accolade for Broadway actors