Group 722

Puzzle 1

Sum of money given to a good cause
Over full, jam-packed, stuffed
Perfected a new skill
Mind ; confusing, unbelievable
rates measure equivalencies between currencies
Selecting representative parts of the whole
Department to call for tech support or assistance
Board game of property trading
Covered padded squares on chairs for extra comfort
Decorated with a raised pattern
Motown trio that was fronted by Diana Ross

Puzzle 2

A double espresso coffee
Prestige, distinction, worth, value
Gaps in TV broadcasts when commercials are shown
Tubes to relieve the build-up of fluids
Time keepers monitored for end of day release
Celestial bodies with fiery tails
Female fairy-tale figure who needs to be rescued
Items of value owned by a company
Relative Sophie is searching for in Mamma Mia!
Someone skilled at making counterfeit copies
Rich Renaissance family in Italy
Date is a rendezvous with two couples

Puzzle 3

Aggression, antagonism
Dry out; remove the moisture from something
Entrance hallway in a public building
Chaperone, could be romantic interest
hunt, a game where you collect a list of things
Hesitant, unenthusiastic
Memphis mansion owned by Elvis Presley
Similar to a computer program, runs on phones
Multi-leg sports event with baton exchanges
First operational space shuttle to be retired
French for a small, bite-size cake
Country whose name means little Venice
Thames-side revolving wheel, lit up at New Year
Knight’s armor made of interwoven metal rings
Quirky term for the speed of posted letters

Puzzle 4

Spanish sailing ships, such as Columbus’s Niña
Teacher, mentor
On Star Trek, this means danger or under attack
Prince sang about birds weeping, When
Worries, reasons to feel uneasy
Natural ability, flair
Retired luxury supersonic passenger jet
2016 musical that nearly won a Best Picture Oscar
Given a superior rank or position at work

Puzzle 5

Oily cream for the mouth in cold weather
Places to meet and play video games, pinball, etc
Eggs of sea creatures such as salmon
Traditional, enduring style
Fine wood particles left over after cutting
Reserve, decorum, especially of dress and fashion
Star of When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle
Fall rapidly, drop without warning
Figurative writing that paints pictures
Hard to hear accurately, an obscured sound
Blue-veined cheese with distinctive smell