Group 721

Puzzle 1

A very large unit of image resolution
Clothing that is turned the wrong way around
Punishment, being kept in class after school
Wool sweater with twisted design
Known for being trustworthy and reliable
Step in to avert disaster
Using spoons to get the right amount of flour
Basic, rudimentary
Circle in a meadow caused by fungi
Weighing out ingredients with spoons

Puzzle 2

Sticky styling product
Budding young actress who longs for fame
Transit vehicle propelled by a person
Hormone isolated by Frederick Banting
Travel each day to a place of work
Coy addition on an invite, wife, husband, or other
Foes, adversaries
Aware or conscious of
Those who work on ships
Threesome including Moe Howard, Larry Fine
Single out, keep away from others
Large dish for serving a meal for sharing

Puzzle 3

Rigid strip used to immobilize a broken bone
Rigid strip used to keep a broken bone stable
Wall-to-wall floor fabric
Book: The Girl with the Dragon
Argue over the price of something
Artists’ overalls worn to protect clothes
Largest and most populous of Japan’s islands
Step high like a horse
Adjective that means you can eat it
Instructions on how to prepare a specific dish
It’s the Cuban capital and a Camila Cabello song
Pluto was formerly one

Puzzle 4

Do this to a manager when things go wrong
Girl from the North Country’s singer
Top-of-the-range luxury hotel rating
Nasty, vindictive
Basin in the garden that offers water to fowl
Boxing punch aimed at the opponent’s chin
Strip of decorative paper, keeps a place in a book
Actor-comedian who plays Ant-Man and himself
Little monkey with long tail
Place to support heels while at a desk
Carved with initials, name or date, for example
Type of candy on a stick
Parental help monitor kids’ online activity

Puzzle 5

Stuffing and mounting skins of dead animals
Tiny oval superfood for sprinkling in smoothies
Finger and toe bones
Logical thinking to derive conclusions
Falling apart, breaking into dust
Person who puts on a false appearance of virtue
Mythological maze, built to be hard to escape from
Mass, horde, crowd
Promotional period when cheap drinks are offered
Trough for blooms attached to a sill
Defamatory, malicious and untrue
Religious ceremony or rite