Ancient Egypt

Group 181

Puzzle 1

Latter Day Saints’ position similar to a pastor

Official currency of Macau

Nearly, but not quite

The __ Game, 1992 British-Irish-Japanese thriller.

1790 French fairy tale, __ and the Beast

Austrian pastry roll that looks like a crown

To make marks by cutting, carving or engraving

Small wax item placed on a cake for a party

The __ Night, Van Gogh twinkly painting

He flew too close to the Sun

Related to anything in the mind or the brain

Name of any stringed instrument of this family

A person who makes custom-fitted clothes

__ Dome, famous geodesic Japanese stadium

Money paid for work regardless of hours

Flexible tissue found inside bones

Land of Pre-Columbian civilizations

Scuba __ is exploring underwater with air tanks

Another word for the fall season

Puzzle 2

A list of individual items to discuss in a meeting

The Neapolitan __ is a ancient dog breed from Italy

Secret hiding places for illegal goods

Flounced, ruffled, furbelowed

Grace Kelly’s Prince Charming

Extreme fear and worry of danger or problems

Set of online pages that make one destination

This person rules a ship

Brown confectionery liquid made by heating sugars

System for venting gas from a car

A table designed to be placed against a wall

Puzzle 3

An __ razor has a rotating or oscillating blade

Small orange summer fruits with huge seed in middle

Strong coffee typically served in a small cup

The science and study of joining or fastening

A worm-shaped pouch attached to the intestine

Sport only debuted in the Summer Olympics of 1936

Clark Kent turns into him

1985 European treaty to remove border controls

Qin __, the first emperor of unified China

__ of Rhodes, one of the Seven Wonders, ancient

Cold __, purposely ignoring someone

Puzzle 4

Rich Tuscan bread with rosemary and raisins

South China city once known as Canton

For those passionate about archery

Individual bones protecting the spinal cord

Knife with a detachable, self-propelled blade

British butler search engine

Blue __ is a native sea chub from Australia

Athenian citadel, including the Parthenon

Synonym reference book

Not physically active

A little of it is a dangerous thing

Alfred __, British director

Emissary of rabbis, charity collector

Puzzle 5

White, kidney-shaped nut that’s actually a fruit

Jewish baked good cut in diamond shapes

To attempt to counterbalance carbon footprint

Teacher of All Saints, title for Sufi teachers

Goods shipped to your country from another

Francisco __, ruled Spain from the ’30s to the ’70s

Garth __, top-selling solo artist of all time

Japan’s third biggest island

When water is solid

First feature film in Native American language

Egyptian creature that poses unsolvable riddles

Search engine, jargon term for Internet search

It makes sense

Group 182

Puzzle 1

Fan __, air conditioning with opposite effect

__ wrap, packing material fun to pop

The __, shouty painting by Edvard Munch

Greek god of darkness and shadow

To want or like something above other similar items

Professional horse rider

Late 19th century Austrian composer, Gustav __

The sidewinder is a type of __ snake from the US

Samuel __, father of the Industrial Revolution

Unter den __, Berlin road meaning under the limes

Yellow citrus fruits

Female superior of nun community

Using salt to preserve foods, especially meats

Puzzle 2

Metal or porcelain plug for a cavity

Modern design style first in France before WWI

No man can serve two of them

Gianni __, Italian industrialist, Fiat shareholder

Baking soda is a general household __

Astrological sign represented by a scary arachnid

__ Khan, genocidal Mongol emperor

Widely spread apart, skewed

Humans produce carbon __

Sweet sauce made with milk, eggs and sugar

Cue sport which originated in Etawah, India

Blood-sucking beast, leaves two punctured wounds

Puzzle 3

Queen who married Ferdinand and sponsored Columbus

Official currency of Bhutan

Scientific study of man’s best friend

A lycanthrope

__ Crusoe was all alone on an island

Triple __, linked Germany, Italy, Austria-Hungary

Patron of workers in some religions

Electronic device to store and work with data

German term for wine from late-picked grapes

Lake __, is shared by four states in the US

De __, famous Italian publisher

Biting, poignant, sharp, burning

Puzzle 4

In this forest, the WWI armistice was signed

Flat land subject to overflow by salt water

Language derived from old Norse

Brussels bread rolls, small and round

It is a homage that vice pays to virtue

Emergency vehicle equipped to treat people

They’ll keep you dry during storms

The moon is a natural one

Italian chemist and writer of If This is a Man

Female patron of musicians

Capital of Burundi

Wrestling type that has men’s and women’s events

Ape with much longer arms than a gorilla

Puzzle 5

To subject to fire or intense heat

Largest natural satellite of Neptune

Pastis, pomegranate cocktail from France

Populus trees that tremble

Dreamy or vague, as if drugged

Instrument played by Elvis

Fish best known for its spawning practice

Islamic law from Quran and Hadith

__ Africanus, Roman who won the Battle of Zama

He is known for his mathematical lithographs

Group 183

Puzzle 1

Extrusive rock formed from cooling of basaltic lava

French region between the Rhine and the Vosges

Fighting tool to defend blows

Placing yourself by a fire or heater for __

A hard felt hat with a rounded crown

Glam metal band warned about thorny roses

Gas gives you a high-pitched voice

Dryads are tree __ in Greek mythology

I come to bury Caesar, not to __ him

Large tropical lizard, popular pet

Puzzle 2

Phyllosilicate mineral within the mica group


Action taken to achieve a particular purpose

To inhale and exhale through the lungs

Theologian and missionary, brother of St Methodius

Fleet of warships, historical term

Greek sea named after mythical hero

Bovine that gives its name to mozzarella

Shirt or dress without sleeves

Halloween apparel, monsters, ghosts, princess

A Deutsche Mark was made up of 100 __

Small but strongly-flavored fish

Indoor caretaker and cleaner

Puzzle 3

Trans Orchestra, rock Christmas cover band

Center of a target

A yellowish-brown pollen mixture by bees as food

Half man, half bull, son of the King of Crete

One of the twelve apostles

What laughter serves as best

Prosodic foot consisting of four syllables

Spanish philosopher also known as Ibn Rushd

Another name for a ghost

__ gown, medical apparel

Madonna __, Botticelli painting

Common household fuel, used in oil lamps

Clint __, world-wide known US actor and director

One who consecrates with oil

Flame __, military weapons that shoot fire

Someone who works with sheets of metal

Tiny, frayed threads from raw seam edges

Obsolete, antiquated

__ and Tobago are located in the Lesser Antilles

Pole vault requires jumping with a __ pole

Puzzle 4

Childish expression for standing on pointed feet

Horror mastermind of Birds, Psycho

Musical instrument similar to the African marimba

UK science-fiction short stories by Eric F. Russell

Currency of Swaziland

Dutch province with protected North Sea islands

Physical sports, games and exercises

The __, Renoir painting of rain shields

Flour-based food flavored with alcohol drink


Comes at the end of the joke, worth waiting for

Puzzle 5

Chosen in place of or in preference to an original

Eunice Kennedy Shriver founded the __ Olympics

Newton’s first law

Great Leap __, Chinese economic reform in 1958

Book of __, ancient Egyptian funerary text

Fish in South America known for its teeth

Brought up as evidence in an argument

Dense chocolate square treat popular in the US

A __ fan uses rotating paddles to circulate air

Guglielmo __, considered the inventor of the radio

Person in charge of a department or team

Uncle __ , “The richest duck in the world”

Mary __, the most famous UK nanny who can also fly

Group 184

Puzzle 1

Indian motorcycle for ladies and girls

The only continent in all hemispheres

Egyptian cow goddess linked to fertility

To anger or upset someone with words or actions

“Mean”, loosely twisted tapestry yarn or fabric

Crossed with a hammer on China’s Communist flag

An __ coral has a resemblance with a deer

Belly feature that comes in “innies” and “outies”

Flying fish roe at a sushi restaurant

Pixels described, bitmap

Also known as pugilism

Puzzle 2

Influenza caused by viruses adapted to poultry

Stop or transfer time in the middle of a journey

Violent riots aimed at a particular religious group

Penny wise, pound __

Diffusion through semi-permeable membranes

A move in a board game to gain an opponent’s piece

Missionary given an epistle by St Paul

Ultimate authority in any soccer match

Small slender antelope with curved horns

African country, became an Italian colony in 1890

Warrior goddess from Syria

The Chairman of the Board, Frank __

Born, congenital

Opening for ventilation in a closed space

Room where babies sleep, play or get educated

Angelica __ is the bossy spoiled Rugrat

Copy, duplicate, fake

Wuthering __, 1939 film based on Bronte’s novel

Puzzle 3

Highway you pay to use

French orator, Constituent Assembly president

French dept, capital is Versailles

Optical __, eye’s perception, not reality


Weather prognostication

Sherlock Holmes’ nemesis

French perfume brand, maker of Shalimar

Kickboxing and striking martial art from Thailand

Disease outbreak caused by pigs

Leader of the pirate haven of New Providence

Tough tissue that connects bones

Priest who translated the Vulgate in the 4th C

Shaved flavored ice dessert, summer treat

Puzzle 4

Someone who studies life and living organisms

State not recognized by the Israeli government

Blue-veined French cheese, matured in damp caves

Skills, aptitudes

Jump out of a plane with a parachute

Mafia film trilogy directed by Coppola

Device that records waves of alternating currents

__ of Assisi, patron of animals

__ crabs are considered the oldest living fossils

Epic Roman film starring Russell Crowe

Dental operation that removes tooth contents

Puzzle 5

Type of money for a country

The French Revolutionary __ created new months

Exciting, charged, exhilarating

Two-dimensional geometric shape with seven sides

Cheese and __

What the devil takes __

Genre of television program

Key used to scroll down a computer screen

Of or related to rabbits or hares

They flare when you are angry

Fashion accessory worn on forearm or wrist

__ biking, sport that takes place off road


Theatre of __, Athenian site to the god of plays

My __, film about an Irishman with cerebral palsy

Daughter of Icarius and Periboea, faithful wife

Ancient Roman couch

Swiss artificial canton defined by Napoleon in 1803

Steering a vessel away from the wind

__ shapes are for strength and life cycles

__ da Vinci, Mona Lisa painter

Expression no longer in use, old-fashioned word

Renowned author of the 1920s’ Lost Generation

Group 185

Puzzle 1

Number of maximum soccer players on field per team

__ LeZion, Israeli city founded by Russians

Swiss city, United Nations’ headquarters

Farther than, outside or past the normal limits

Someone who __ taxes will face criminal charges

Patriarch of the family, dad

Spray of water used to clean yourself

Parish officer of the Anglican Church, archaic term

To turn aside, flip, reverse or turn over

Term meaning “nobles”, Indo-European people

Type of electricity that makes your hair stand up

__ is the leader of the Gorgons

Type of spread made from a legume, __ butter

Puzzle 2

Layered pastry often made with apples

A varved __ can be found in non-glacial lakes

Arabic mathematical creation from 9th-century Syria

Someone following the realization of a personal deity

The __ web is a circus skill similar to corde lisse

Yellow __, peasant revolt in Han dynasty China

Brightest Star in the constellation of Leo

Indefinitely many, very numerous

Wicket and stump game huge in India

Cranial safety piece for construction site

Pablo __, Guernica artist

A municipality in the northeast of the Netherlands

Large seismic ocean wave, causes great destruction

Area in the plane where pilot sits and commands

Two equilateral triangles joined at their bases

Feelings of fear that cause problems in the body

Give a man enough rope and he will hang __

__ Bulldogs have muscular build and a wrinkled face

Organized search to find a criminal

Puzzle 3

The fairest rose is at last __

Flip-flaps are __ handsprings done on the ground

Vampire werewolf from Slavic mythology

__ Committee, Chinese government legislative body

Second airport in Rome, with the code CIA

Hugely popular frozen dessert

Really fond of reading and studying

Material used in breast implants

United Arab __, capital Abu Dhabi is vastly rich

Benedict __, patron saint of Europe

Attractive, winsome, charming

The __ shrimp-goby lives in mud or sand substrates

Puzzle 4

Leftover quantity

__ snake eel has a red head and lower jaw

An item of clothing you put on first

A handsome Beatle

Fairy tale character who tells lies

Icy sled track near St Moritz in the Swiss Alps

Succession from guru to disciple in Hinduism

Muscular __, disease causing weakening of muscles

__ of Life, US movie with Lana Turner

Australian nut used in desserts

Document giving permission to go into a country

Ukranian boxing brothers Vitali and Wladimir

Caesar’s wife who supposedly foresaw his death

Puzzle 5

Sesame paste used in hummus

Credo, dogma, doctrine

Towards the back of the ship

Of or related to wolves

Italian title adopted by Benito Mussolini

Colored wax stick for drawing

__ Street, children’s TV series featuring Elmo

Current Japanese period that started with Akihito

Bone that connects the shoulder and the sternum

Group 186

Puzzle 1

Organ in the mouth that helps you eat and speak

__ Distribution, probability theory, statistics

The feeling of having done something before

Swiss canton between Lucerne and Zurich lakes

Classic movie, The __ of Oz

Transparent lemon and lime carbonated drink

Ancient Chinese hexagram text, Classic of Changes

Of or related to bears

Conspicuous device used to attract attention

Puzzle 2

Study of living cells

Bodily outgrowth or process, sometimes removed

Sea that lies between Italy and the Balkans

Infamous Prohibition era firearm

Someone with very creative skills

Excited, frenzied, hectic, hyperactive

Children are afraid of them

It is a sin as well as commission

Lady Chatterley’s Lover, by D.H. __

Type of font being used

A land mammal that cannot jump

Puzzle 3

Art technique usually done in pottery or clay

A device that lets us view distant objects

Indian bat sword also used as a tool

Device used to open a tin

__ Candler, business tycoon who founded Coca-Cola

Zeal without __ is a runaway horse

Heretic, non-conformist

Number of Olympic swimming events

Nobody wins when a game of chess ends this way

Art of constructing catalogues

Referred to as the Lion City or the Little Red Dot

Flight attendants who look after passengers’ needs

Person or animal in a book, movie or play

Overalls made of thick cotton cloth, often blue

Puzzle 4

Marked by abundant inventiveness or productivity

Silicate minerals removed from buildings

Refreshing summertime beverage treat

Astrologically wet sign

Ornithorhynchus anatinus, semiaquatic mammal

Italy’s airline carrier based out of Rome

Game with bats, a ball and four bases on a field

Novice male monastic in Buddhism

Quick burst of plague conditions

A great city, a great __

Puzzle 5

Indonesian sword with protruding notch

Country where the singer Bjork is from

Passengers who do not turn up for a booked flight

Butch __, played by Paul Newman

Hard-hearted person

John Dory is a __ fish with black marks

George __ Shaw, Irish who won the Nobel Prize

The __, Warsaw ghetto movie by Roman Polanski

__ oxide, ancient weapon aka quicklime

Cousin of the tornado

Many use it to carry groceries

Potato pasta

Balls-and-cord device thrown to bring down quarry

When the seaside waters recede

Organs that help cleanse your system

The way one laughs when he does it last

Ancient Greek

Group 187

Puzzle 1

Xanthophobia is the fear of the color __

Representative of someone else, interest of

Deeply angered, openly furious

Female Islamic spiritual leader

Air __, aerial motorsport

Soft, porous artist’s tool from undersea

Type of cheese pulled into filaments

French writer who took his lobster pet for walks

__ Lang, Austrian fashion designer

Fantasy novel by J. K. Rowling, Harry __

Skilled shooter concealed from the enemy

Largest of Mars’ moons

Wood or plastic stick used to move a boat

Strongest muscle in the human body

Autochthonous, domestic, endemic

Official currency of Malawi

__ Planet, travel advice website

Spina __, birth defect prevented with folic acid

Toulouse-Lautrec’s favorite venue, __ Rouge

Puzzle 2

Hugo __, considered Mexico’s best soccer player

Twenty Thousand __ Under the Sea, J. Verne’s novel

Symbol Li, silver metal used in batteries

Product for washing the hair

A region in central Italy, Florence is its capital

French Impressionist painter, Jules Robert __

Someone who writes online articles

__ is the best policy

John the __, beheaded upon Herodias’ request

The Chinese __ is a breed of hairless dog

Month between September and November

Comparison of two things

A __ arch is a rock formation with an opening

Acrophobia is the fear of __

It holds the aircraft engine

Puzzle 3

Where fliers wait for the fly bar in circus

Bloodsucker, leech, freeloader, hanger-on

Nicknamed soundless dogs

A __ key opens all sorts of doors

Subversion of a constitution, major crime

City that’s home to the Hagia Sophia

Like urea, but with sulfur atom

Picture of a person usually showing the face

Knee-length male skirt, it comes from __

In this country, people speak Lao dialects

They make rings, bracelets and custom pieces

Acts of the __, book about founding of church

Puzzle 4

Bat these little hairs when you like someone

Revolutionary French republican grouping

Champers, shampoo

Arrangement where two airlines operate a flight

“Flea” pepper aka Chiltepins

__ Gorgeous, villain on Jimmy Neutron

__ Square, Beijing site of Mao’s Mausoleum

Ceres, Roman goddess of __, agriculture

He plays Gale in The Hunger Games movies

Nocturnal mammal with a leathery armour shell

Elevated, level area of land

Bed and __

Warhammer is a table top __ game

Puzzle 5

Cafe __ at Night, Van Gogh’s evening piece

Number after fourteen

Frayed shorts made from jeans

Whole number, not a fraction

Cat with non-retractile claws

The eyes are the __ to the soul

Aircrafts designed to attack by dropping weaponry

Digits in the hand

The knight of the sorrowful countenance

A near fall

To run a ship onto the beach or on land

Definitely gone

Disposable utensils are made out of this material

Frozen sweetened water, usually fruit flavored

Room where the Last Supper happened

Asthma treatment, reliever or preventer

Ask someone to marry you

General seating area of a circus

Greek stallion with wings

Makes a hard copy of your computer documents

Transition zone, where tides meet streams

Albrecht __, creator of the William Tell legend

Group 188

Puzzle 1

This fast bird simply said “beep, beep,” Road __

Indonesian sea between Bali and Java seas

__ snapper is a large red fish with huge teeth

Traditional Japanese flooring, sitting mat

Criminal __, also known as an indictment

“Volcanic” chocolate cake, souffle like

Developed wings and flew too close to the sun

Meryl __, one of the greatest actresses in the US

Fiat sports car named after an arachnid

__ straw, perfect for hat-making

Western Sahel sword with a tapering tip

Trophies given at the Academy Awards

__ Boat Festival, China’s Double Fifth celebration

__ flaw, trait that leads to protagonist’s downfall

St Jude, patron saint of lost __

Puzzle 2

Drinking glass with no stem or handles

Who __ not his gutters __ his whole house

Venus, Roman __ of love

A partial or total loss of memory

Hobby of making all different types of foods

A device for connecting two parts of an apparatus

Boating sport requiring understanding of wind

Largest river system that flows to the Arctic

To regard with displeasure, antipathy or aversion

Fat layer between skin and muscle in whales

Flavius __, first king of Italy

Excess __, luggage over the allowed amount

__ Gogol, writer related to surrealism and grotesque

Puzzle 3

Small cabbage looks like Sputnik


Deliberately running a ship aground

Oldest rugby stadium in South Africa

Italian last name that symbolizes “womanizer”

Tube connecting lungs to throat, trachea

The Black __, stranded on island with horse

Priests and clergymen study this

Anything relating to ships, sailors or navigation

Puzzle 4

2015 sci-fi thriller directed by Alex Garland

Steel that does not rust or corrode

The best is __

Folk __, traditional form of this grappling sport

Related to the organization of sounds in language

A crypt, full of tombs

Theologian and missionary, brother of St. Cyril

It protects cars, homes and lives against loss

Despondent, forlorn, hopeless

Longest reigning British monarch to date, __ II

Plant, legume; can be used as food

Municipal station ready to help buildings in flame

The opposite of flat shoes

Italian car brand with flag and snake on its badge

Device used in submarines to see above water

Disgusting study that examines vomiting

Genghis Khan’s subdivisions of the Mongol Empire

Puzzle 5

They fear to tread where fools rush in

Peter __, South African World Cup stadium

Chinese philosophy known as “The Way”

“Evil Eye” is an example of this protection

__ crabs are small Mediterranean crustaceans

Peninsula shared by Italy, Croatia and Slovenia

Stubs of harvested trees

To force someone to do something

Whistler’s __, grey and black oil painting

Brass, trumpet-like instrument

Woodworking is the skill of __ wooden items

Space __, portable warmer for enclosed areas

Amazon’s eReader

Where your umbilical cord was attached, belly __

To state that something is true

Accidental clumsy fall, not disastrous

Group 189

Puzzle 1

__ al-qadr, holiest night for Muslims

Provision, rig, furnish

System that warms up the inside of a car

Holding straight, not moving or giving

To trade goods instead of paying with money

Relative to King Arthur’s people

Bowed stringed instrument having four strings

The capital of Lebanon

Burns are __ caused by heat or chemicals

Edible layer on Japanese candies

Puzzle 2

Easily damaged, broken, shattered, flimsy, frail

Female deity

To make artwork available for people to see

Versatile bean, can be turned into imitation meat

Travel to and from work, e.g. from the suburbs

You catch fewer flies with it

Extremely stupid or foolish

An allotrope of carbon like the graphite

__ Duncan, famous US dancer from 1900s

Estadio Monumental de __, in Venezuela

Puzzle 3

The __ Festival, annual summer festival in Ontario

__ glycol, compound used in antifreeze formulations

__ moons, orbit within Saturn’s rings system

Fee paid in advance

Spanish artist famous for painting The Farm

__ Webster, film character involved in labor union

Flattened spaghetti pasta strands

Small fish with an equine-like head

Sprawling, untidy

Witch-hunting US senator of the 1950s

The sting of a __ is the truth of it

Claudia __, German supermodel

One after January and three before May

Puzzle 4

__ Revolution, Portuguese “flowery” coup of 1975

__, stadium of rugby’s Central Cheetahs

Savage, rude, uncivil, uncultivated, wild

Artificial sweetener made from aspartic acid

__ of the Two Holy Mosques, Mecca, Medina

__ Dior, French fashion house

Subatomic particles

Bibi __, Swedish actress of Persona

Tool used to beat, whip, and combine ingredients

From December to January, tenth zodiac sign

A perpendicular descent of a water stream

Puzzle 5

United __, worldwide organization with 193 members

Stormily or threateningly

Hang __, flying a human paper airplane

New __ is called “The Birthplace of Jazz” in the US

For __, acorns protect against lightning

Distributes, places, arranges

Seth Mac__, actor, director

Blackbird that lives on, by herds of cattle

Basin-like depression in the center of a volcano

Long bone in upper arm, shoulder to elbow

Frame on which car body is mounted

Aba-daba is any __ served at the circus

French department and estuary, Bordeaux wine area

It means “the snows” in Galician

Game where players build words moving letters

Flat bread, its wedges are known as scones

“Colorful” women’s magazine

Someone who owns, manages a bar

Group 190

Puzzle 1

Famous centaur in Greek mythology

Heavy, patterned table-linen fabric

Sultan Mizan Zainal __ Stadium, Malaysia

Tradesperson, specializes in fusing things together

Food related; sort of gore, harpoon or jab

El __, luring golden metropolis

Los __, National Security lab in New Mexico

Tooth __ makes up the visible part of a tooth

Large sea which divides Australia and New Zealand

Slow-moving animal, can breathe through its rear end

Organic compound used as fuel gas

Skoda car sounds like an Alaskan brown bear

Freedom from danger or harm

Someone who locates things

Puzzle 2

Biancabella and the Snake is an __ fairy tale

Building where goods are made

A place on the coast where vessels find shelter

Ancient type of flute

Horus, major god of __

The Rat __ is a short-haired breed of farm dog


Ingrid __, Swedish actress

Pairc Ui __, Gaelic sport arena in Cork

Aristocracy, A-list, corps d’elite

Game played on a special mat with colorful circles

Tool thrown in the works to cause delay

Altered granite with pink feldspar

Albino traits are a lack of __ in the body

Mediterranean resort between Cannes and Nice

Parchment in Ancient Egypt

Puzzle 3

Backsword found in Ancient Middle East

Les __ Dangereuses, novel on Revolutionary France

Legal process of taking parental responsibility

Fictional monster that resembles a giant gorilla

Horse riding foot supports invented in 4th century

Zoo__ are eggs, larvae and animals drifting

Inflammation of lymph glands in the body

Opposite of negative

Swiss-German surrealist “Fish Magic” painter

When two or more elements are chemically bound

Clover sprig used to explain trinity to Irish

Everybody’s __ is nobody’s __

Honorific style of Christian clergy

Christ the __, famous statue in Rio de Janeiro

Study of smells and olfactory processes

George __, Canadian MMA fighter

A woman who serves food or drinks to people

__ English, dialect native to the United States

Puzzle 4

Wooden board for walking into or out of a ship

Asian state won independence from Portugal in 1975

The Big __ of 1938, “Thanks for the Memory”

Plays the kettledrums

Ancient African reptile with giant chompers

Incomparable, no rivals

Lounge where those about to fly wait

Austrian crystals company with swan logo

Birthplace of literary greats, Doyle, Stevenson

Dutch Golden Age painter of The Night Watch

Amateur radio is the private use of radio __

Use this to smooth out rough surfaces

Under a spell

Italian volcano bread filled with cheese and herbs

Green mineral, not actually from rainforest river

Pope Francis’ Surname

Puzzle 5

What every law has

The __, 1935 film, Irish War of Independence

Joseon era molded, 35 in sword from Korea

Profusion, over-abundance

Small spoon, measurement, not tablespoon

Water activity with double-sided paddle

Secretary, cabinet member of monetary issues

__ Gums Murphy, a musician in The Simpsons

Wooden “legs” to help the injured walk

Central Asian river, Aral Sea basin

Harvest month of the French Revolutionary calendar

Arc-eye __ has bright body and bluish tail

Book that features annual world’s records

Bright green substance, discredited mineral

Keith __, worst case for anti-smoking campaigns

To remain in a country after your visa has expired

Group 191

Puzzle 1

Sage teeth in the back of the mouth

Greek goddess of compulsion and necessity

Itemized plan for spending money

Barry __, Kubrick’s Irish period drama

One of the ice giants

Japanese military dictators

Longest measure from end to end

Someone who moves their body for a living

__ of Lima, patron of the Americas

To move upward, climb to a higher point

__ Munch, painter of The Scream

Hat made of strips of fabric wound around the head

Atlantic African gulf heavy in oil deposits

To add data to a computer or online

Renault car with picturesque name

Tropical fruit, orange flesh, tiny black seeds

Puzzle 2

Quality or ability to be honest to others

A person who educates others

Bulgarian city with millennial old ruins

Not man-made

Items to enhance vision

Act of beating, thrashing, whipping

Two hues

Korean tech brand behind the Note and Tab

Standing yoga pose, like a soldier

Puzzle 3

Cured beef found in many deli sandwiches

Holes in the outer layer of your teeth

Spanish travel agency offering low-cost excursions

Either the Martyr or the Confessor

Largest land mammal hunted for its ivory tusks

Pacino film about fictional Cuban drug lord

Barcelona monument to an explorer, on the Ramblas

Little ones have big ears

Spiky plants often with purple flowers

__ Wheel, device used on thread, Indian origins

1942 battle, the first involving aircraft carriers

Puzzle 4

Large board behind the basketball net

Science of surveying

French painter of Liberty Leading the People

Enormous WWI mine crater on the Somme battlefield

Woody Allen’s movie named after his neighborhood

His feast day is the day after Christmas

An exciting or remarkable experience

Encyclopaedic, user-generated article website


Being bewildered aka puzzlement

Of or relating to tortoises or turtles

Long and thin green vegetable

Puzzle 5

Italian mountains, they run along the nation

Anti-proverb created by Dickens

The act of loosing threads of cloth or rope

One promised in marriage to someone

Areas where “black gold” is found

Addition or change to a law or bill

Lower house of parliament in German government

Crescent-shaped French breakfast pastry

Light rail vehicle, also called trams or trolleys

Serbian secret group that backed a Greater Serbia

Group 192

Puzzle 1

Fred and __, gave Harry the Marauder’s Map

A hound and a tec

Sculpted representation of person

Spain’s flag carrier airline

A __ Frise is a toy breed descended from a poodle

Shape-shifting water seal from Scottish folklore

Flowering branches

Mechanical model of the Solar System

Sea that stretches from Denmark to Netherlands

Large, soft bag perfect for sports or travelling

Tobacco pipe with multiple flexible tubes

Violet __, survived three ship disasters in 6 years

Plane company produced the Barracuda and Firefly

Puzzle 2

Picture cut or scratched into a metal surface

Tree nymphs protect __ and trees

__ swimming crab feeds on trash

Capital of Indonesia

Traveling on surfaces by dancing or racing

English poet of the modernist movement

Donatella __, Italian fashion designer

Monte __, prolonged WWII battle at Italian abbey

Official headquarters for an ambassador

Most portrayed horror blood-sucking movie villain

Knowledge of past events

Back of the stage, away from the audience

Type of obsidian, cracking volcanic glass

Agga Maha __, honorific title in Theravada Buddhism

First comes lightning, then comes __

Bartender or mixologist’s wooden pestle

Puzzle 3

Baby mohawk, no shaved sides

The Walls of __, French criminal falls in love

Omega-7 fatty acid found in dairy products

Bone structure that supports an organism

Study of places and their natural features

__ or Dorado, fish with long fin from head to tail

__ Stadium, famed Turin home of “youth” team

Gnomes turn to stone in the __

__ lotion is a treatment for itching

__ Geographic, science magazine founded in 1888

A comedy writer or performer

Wonderland cat whose smile remains

In architecture, border, edging or baseboard

This sort of gate hangs the longest

British royalty abode in Scotland

Single-track transport system, usually elevated

Compiled teachings and sayings of Confucius

Material in the middle of a pencil

Rhetorical __, you know the answer already

Puzzle 4

Canada has the world’s largest __

Siliceous sedimentary rock, can crumble into powder

Large flat case for carrying drawings, papers

__ National Stadium, of SE Asian nation

Art style, rejected realism during late 19th C

Web-spinning spider

Espresso coffee liqueur from Italy

Western Plains Native Americans

A __ Orange, movie with Malcolm McDowell

Anna __, Russian modernist poet in the Soviet era

A person who directs the route or course of a ship

Puzzle 5

Musical tones combined together

Point of orbit where something is farthest from Earth

Colorful, one-of-a-kind Japanese clothing label

Committee of Public __, French Revolutionary group

Key used to scroll up computer

Reflective invention found first in 400 BC Lebanon

Colloquial rather than classical Latin

Amidships means the __ section of a ship

Season opposite to summer

Aromatic flower bud used in cooking

Group 193

Puzzle 1

Draft drawing to represent chief features

Dealer, usually in expensive fabrics

__ Fire, indie rock band based in Montreal

Robin Hood’s maiden

In a foreign country

Heavy __, dug deep, changed European agriculture

Wealthy landowner who later became a pirate

Peter’s epistles were written while he was __

Snails can sleep for three __


AOC French brandy from the Charente region

Gianluigi __, longtime Italian goalkeeper

Puzzle 2

Medicine patented by Bayer in the early 1900s

Kate Middleton is married to Prince __

Decisive battle of the Chinese Civil War in 1940s

Large flat pan used to fry foods

Large body of ice moves slowly or spreads outward

Female opossums have 13 __

Leafy vegetable, eaten raw or cooked

Of poor moral character, disobedient

Open-toe footwear usually held by straps

Giuseppe __, Italian radical, founded Young Italy

Family of Italian Renaissance painters

Puzzle 3

Italian crispy breadsticks

A negative turns out positive as a __ in disguise

Woven textile art

To abhor, loathe

Marcus __, Roman emperor, writer of Meditations

Sweet melon, sounds like moist nectar

Traditional culture communicated orally

Tomb Day, a national holiday in China

Small metal object used to remove unwanted hairs

Feline anti-hero associated with Batman

Place used for recreation, inside

Puzzle 4

They make for wavy nights

A Winter Olympic sport

Personal driver

German candy made of chocolate and coconut oil

To cleanse, sanitize or kill germs

Dorset model town developed by Prince Charles

Field takes closer look at rocks

Ghanaian diplomat and Nobel Peace Prize recipient

Famous 1969 US music and art festival

Boat that travels over water with underwater wings

Strong carnivorous mammal of the weasel family

Taking action to correct previous wrongdoing

A temporary suspension of hostilities in a war

Puzzle 5

Body of water in Indonesian Maluku Islands

__ Christmas is celebrated on January 7

Reply or reaction

Disinfectant soap

Most obvious star cluster seen on the night sky

Includes bologna, turkey aka lunch meats

Pictionary is a __ game where you draw the word

Romeo’s last name in Shakespeare’s play

They help neurons talk to each other in the body

To cut, tear; to hurt

Open car for two persons

Influential, mighty, potent

Clothing worn to get into the water

“Pregunta” means this, in Spanish

To plan appointments at certain times

Tax-exempt shopping areas at airports

Country freed from Italian rule at Battle of Adwa

Not yet a sapling

Picasso and Michelangelo were __ and much more

One shouldn’t make a mountain out of this

Substance that is breathed into the lungs

__ Interest, interest on top of interest

Group 194

Puzzle 1

Javier __, won an Oscar for No Country for Old Men

Mislaying, misplacing, not winning

Camels are __ animals

Agreement preceding marriage

Sport played on a court with rackets

Washington __, author of Rip Van Winkle

White __, savior bidder of hostile takeover bid

Northern Swiss canton where German is spoken

To give someone a job, to have them work for you

Since 1917, a Virgin Mary pilgrimage center

Cheese-filled Catalan pastries

Puzzle 2

If you can’t escape, then you’re __

Popular political club during French Revolution

Status of peasants under the feudalistic system

East Indian city formerly spelled Calcutta

The art of making an image, not with paint

Fine spray or mist, hair spray, odor spray

Charles __, film industry icon

A vacuum __ keeps carpets clean

Avoid a questioner, for he is also a __

Not in a wishy-washy way

Huldrych __, Swiss religious reformer

Someone responsible for counselling others

Puzzle 3

Call for entire ship’s company

Protestant churches that follow Calvin’s teachings

Place de la __, execution site of Louis XVI

Polish WWII leader set up a government-in-exile

Done quickly and badly

Dead ball restart situation after foul in soccer

Largest city in Europe, Turkey’s cultural capital

Officially ranked as the “City of Spas” in 1934

In a __ = concisely

__ expressionism, conceptual art style

__ Holmes, character by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

To steal money from one’s workplace

Flights to and from places in the same country

__ acid, only acid excreted as gas from the lungs

Lion-headed warrior god worshiped by the Meroitics

Garnish of almonds or Romanian dessert

Puzzle 4

1922 German movie about a vampire

Sugary garnish for cakes, cupcakes or ice-cream

Medical term for lung-related issues

Teacher in a university or faculty

Irish fashion designer known for retro prints

Japanese city hit by a nuclear weapon

Variety of grossular, cinnamon-colored gem

Shine a light on this banknote security feature

__ system, software directing computer actions

It means “Sign of Allah” in Arabic

Large crocodilian with short snout

Act of infiltrating somewhere to acquire secrets

Italian who wrote The Decameron

Puzzle 5

Only __ mosquitoes bite you

Soft and delicate; Elvis’ song “Love me __”

Brazilian cocktail, fruit juice, national alcohol

__tooth, doggy-broken check fabric pattern

Not private

Wax containing a wick and burned to give light

Hard, mottled, white stone used by sculptors

Former name for the Chinese city of Guangzhou

William __, superb Irish storyteller

No holds __, no restraint

Green stems of allium used in salads

Avenue, boulevard, road, highway

Group 195

Puzzle 1

Stockholm is the capital of the Kingdom of __

To quit

Formal order, judicial order

Dhirubhai __, founder of Reliance Industries

__ Rogers, governor who ended piracy in Nassau

Chinese-American tech brand behind the ThinkPad

A Bigger __, Hockney pool painting

Breakfast bread cooked in dimpled irons

Personal place to keep valuables safe

Pedal used to change gears on a vehicle

Puzzle 2

A __ squid has webbed legs and light-emitting spots

Historical Czech land, state of Holy Roman Empire

Crusading king of France, who was later sainted

Will __, Merry Men’s skilled swordsman

Dewey’s pre Internet book categorizing system

These funds invest in “dead” companies

Frugal with money

Island nation by Greenland, capital is Reykjavik

Club mate, rum and limes in this German drink

Puzzle 3

Little girl hairstyle, hair divided in two

__ sulfoxide, colorless liquid, solvent

Typically blue gemstone that is a mineral corundum

A place where you can take a shower

Mall activity

__ carriers allow planes to take off in the ocean

Conical hat students were made to wear

Official language of Indian Assam state

An imp is a goblin creature in English __

Solanum melongena, aubergine

One of four Jewish holy cities, Sea of Galilee

Professional who designs structures and systems

A kind of man who will clutch at a straw

Queen Elizabeth’s only sister

Puzzle 4

Bones that make up the spinal column

End of year sweet bread loaf

Fashioned like a hood

Separating liquids from solids

Anna Karenina for her occupation

Air transport agreement for international flights

Type of park with rides and games

Military dictatorship in Japanese history

This chair helps you stand up

Patron saint of France burned at the stake

“Colonel” who managed Elvis Presley’s career

Magnesium-rich chamosite

Bast, Egyptian protection goddess, __ of Bubastis

Puzzle 5

The Reverend Mother Superior, Eastern Orthodox

The __ sea snail is purple, lives in the tropics

Large Belgian coastal city and port

__ Bonnard, French artist

Iranian flour bread cooked in clay oven

Chemical element found in the Sun, stars & comets

“Whitened” Filipino sword, guava wood handle

Duplicate version, in case of damage

To have the ability to pick one of two things

__ Baiul, Ukrainian won ’94 Olympic gold

Female sibling

A dash, a crumb, a tiny part of something

Group 196

Puzzle 1

“About” means to __ course of the ship by tacking

Ottoman sultans’ groups of wives, helpers, eunuchs

Scullions did this sort of task

__ jack, a game fish, same family as yellowtail

Highly prominent Khatri surname found in India

Feminine courtesy title

Jorge Luis __, famous Argentine short-story writer

__ Virgins, in ancient Rome, priestesses of Vesta

One rotten apple spoils the whole __

Grandiose, powerful, all __

Religious texts in Jainism

Scarcely, only barely, little likelihood

Stick this spice in oranges at Christmas’ time

Borg __Stadium, Africa’s second largest

Italian-style ice cream

Mr __, Oscar-winner for Luxembourgish short film

Islamic steward, successor of Muhammad

__ crater, in the Phaethontis quadrangle of Mars

Central European river, flows through Bratislava

Puzzle 2

Estates __, French political system pre-1789

A chewy anagram of Pinchas

To keep your teeth from getting damaged

Opposite of western

Country in southern Africa, capital is Windhoek

This character greatly underestimated David

Vessel formerly used in distilling

World’s fastest land animal

Princess taken by Achilles as a war prize

Spurge plant with starchy root, tropical

Fear of wasps is __phobia

Reaches, accomplishes, achieves goals

Puzzle 3

Gulf space across Banks, Victoria islands

Prosperous Qing emperor, grandson of Kangxi

Patron of Scotland, his feast day is November 30

Upholstered chair that leans back

Author of Interview with the Vampire

Confection of ice cream, espresso and cream

The ling is a long thin fish from the North __

Unit that equals one million gigabytes

The __ has twice the bathrooms it needs

Titanic is a romance __ film from 1997

The __, oil-on-canvas of a kitchen maid, by Vermeer

Unscrupulous seizers

One hot pepper

Puzzle 4

A fighting sport

Another name for the Prime Minister of Ireland

Superior to a navy captain, below a rear admiral

Bullock won an Oscar for this feel good movie

Very dangerous dog’s parasite

Dental replacements discovered in Etruria 750 BCE

Strings of Italian pasta, with Bolognese sauce

Stage of development before birth or hatching

Iconic film studios in Rome

Battlestar __, popular science fiction series

Traditional children’s song of English origin

First novel written on a typewriter

Where the ocean meets the land

Traders, storekeepers, business dealers

Your head won’t stay wet after you use this


Puzzle 5

Title of the king of France’s eldest son

To be given a prize

Types of crustaceans with hard exoskeletons

Plant that eat insects, Venus __

Italian tire makers, with red and yellow logo

These glands produce a baby’s first meal

Female patron of young girls and chastity

Grandstand, the __ area facing the circus center

__ speak louder than words

Charge incurred on a business trip

Clara __, Mussolini’s mistress, died by his side

Calligraphy is an elegant way of __

King of the gods in Roman mythology

Group 197

Puzzle 1

Walt __ was scared of mice

While George Harrison’s __ gently weeps

__ Fox was the nickname given to Erwin Rommel

Unlawful killing of another human

__ Aba, third King of Hungary from 1041 to 1044

Central French dept, capital is Nevers

To get something with effort

Coffee-flavored liqueur

Holds baby at Brit Milah ceremony

Winter sport, not snowboarding

Old-fashioned term for the flu

Puzzle 2

90s Star Trek TV series, NASA space program

Cotton-like, fluffy clouds

Country in North Africa, capital is Rabat

It holds the guts

Netted holes on a pool table

It cannot change its spots

With Gibson, developed industrial polyethylene

Suitable arrangement of parts, colors or sounds

Insulin device from Eli Lilly

Louis __, 1st pilot to cross the English Channel

Long, thin with elongated jaws and sharp teeth

Birth surname of Pope John Paul II

The __ of Dorian Gray, by Oscar Wilde

Interpretation, rendition, account

To turn a liquid into a substance resembling jelly

Placed on the side by the axis, stem

Paris __, the city’s government, 1789 to 1795

Appliance with slots to cook your bread

Puzzle 3

Nocturnal arachnid, elongated body and a stinger

Small, drop-shaped edible seeds of a cone tree

The __ starred Eva Gabor as Miss Bianca

It never did anyone any good

A small cooking measurement, not a table

Long sled made of wood slats

Method called pot roasting when using meats

Those who enter to conquest or plunder

Berlin Hauptbahnhof is a famous German __ station

Epic poetry muse, musical instrument at circus

Cleric of secular institution, prison or hospital

Hot tubs

Waifish British supermodel and Rimmel London face

Document giving permission to leave a country

__ biking, extreme sport performed in nature

Ocean divides the Americas from Europe

Puzzle 4

Large garrison town in Lower Saxony, NW Germany

Buckwheat-based bread from Slovenia

Common European sword with cruciform hilt

Wassily __, Russian abstract artist

Bearing is the __ between two objects

Spiny __ are poisonous and ray-finned

Some suggest not to ask too many of these

Tibetan Buddhist Tenzin Gyatso is the 14th __

Yes, this is the study of bird’s nests

NASA rover that is conducting a mission on Mars

First to make mainland America landfall in 1497

First-class, bonny, superb, outstanding

Mimicry of someone or something

Christian __, shoe designer known for red soles

Albert Einstein was a world-known __

Oceans are filled with this type of liquid body

Lotion protects against ultra violet rays

Puzzle 5

Carpal __ syndrome is in the hand and wrist

Colombia claims to grow some of the best

The floor of a fireplace

Boga is known as piapara in __

Medical personnel wear them

Shape-shifting water horse from Scottish mythology

Time you are supposed to come home

To agree upon, close out an account

Reflexive pronoun, first person singular

Public house

__ belly is a storage box under a wagon in circus

__ sulfate, white crystals used in paint pigments

A small church

Gianni __, Italy’s “golden boy”, 1960s and 1970s

Group 198

Puzzle 1

Descendant of Muhammad through daughter Fatima

Badger-like yokai from Japanese mythology

Churchill’s __, WWII propaganda made in Canada

Piercing, typically in the center of the lower lip

Two businesses coming together as one

FC __ Munich, successful Bavarian football club

Michel__, Sistine Chapel painter

Italian county with no coastline or country border

Someone who annoys others by persistent criticism

Small, docile hound with a great sense of smell

Percussion instrument, produces sound when shaken

to cause to stop sleeping

The opposite of male

Burning the __ at both ends

The Fourth __ or Power, today “the press”

The power of recalling what has been learned

Another name for a violin

Codified the three laws of robotics

Puzzle 2

Woman with a __, Monet’s sun umbrella

The Dalmatian is known for its __ coat

Province in western China famous for food

__ To War, first of Capra’s propaganda films

Terror of Asians, Genghis Khan’s people

To finally find a wanted person

Sweet roulade, Christmas dessert looks like wood

The Torah is the book of this religion

Study of medical remedies

Low-cost Spanish airline, merged with ClickAir

Puzzle 3

Lothar __, captain of 1990 German WC winning team

Tooth __ is used to make your smile shine

White wine and carbonated water chilled drink

Plan of procedure, series of planned events

Women’s undergarments

The Lady from __, movie with Rita Hayworth

Aker, __ earth god of the horizon

A rooster not yet one year old

Private path connecting the street to a house

The legislative capital of South Africa

Moon of Saturn identified by its chaotic rotation

Song recorded by the Beatles

Every horse thinks its own pack __

These blood vessels carry blood away from heart

Spanish dance with clapping and stamping

Emotions through different elements, __ art

Father of the theory of relativity

Field focuses on mummies

Puzzle 4

To sew a design on a piece of cloth

The study of space and the universe

Woodwind instrument invented by a Belgian designer

Swiss mountain, second-highest in the Alps

Study of origins of races or peoples

Conflagration such as visited on Dresden in 1945

__ Goya, Spanish Romantic painter

Bottom round cut cooked in crock pot

Counterattack with numerical advantage

Firefighter 101 spotted helper

Strong item to keep someone out

Founder of Friars Preachers, patron of astronomers

Has more money

No syllable in the last line of a verse

UK housebuilders who sound like an exotic fruit

Puzzle 5

Sudden attack into hostile territory

The __ hydroid is in the family of fire corals

British actor who played Kenobi in Star Wars

It is ill __ against the stream

Financial institute’s promise, 7th century China

Miracle of __, servant art by Tintoretto

Violet quartz, used as decoration or jewelry

Anything pertaining to the bones

German sweet roll filled with Powidl jam

Cartoons are __ movies or shows

Group 199

Puzzle 1

Anatomical term for womb

Playboy’s founder, notorious bachelor

Muhammad’s daughter’s lineage title

Historical name for Indian soldiers

Area in a yard for growing fruits and vegetables

__ Sport, square chocolate blocks

Goat Simulator is a popular third video game

Small, not big

Protects the front and back of a car

Gets a coin for each soul he brings to Hades

__ wheel boat, Mississippi boat from Rome

Hard, glossy substance applied to ceramics

Puzzle 2

Closest planet to the sun

Anything relating to the skull

To bring together, attach

__ acropora coral forms large plates

Your mother and father

The L in YSL, French fashion house

__ in Arles, Van Gogh’s sleeping quarters

Persian hard candy

Wailing woman’s spirit heard when someone dies

Small vessel moved with oars

Soybeans in the pod, steamed and salted

Appliance that can be found in a kitchen

Puzzle 3


Moved clumsily

Scottish screeching wind instrument

William Osler is known as the Father of Modern __

__ DiCaprio, star of Titanic and The Great Gatsby

Teacher of Sunnah, title for Pirs

The capital of Norfolk Island

Forming or entertaining thoughts or images

German artillery cannon, such as Big Bertha

Periodic table of __

Puzzle 4

Resistance fighters causing deliberate destruction

__ Cotton, 1st Viscount Combermere, British Army

Austrian Formula 1 champion on three occasions

Instruments, cylindrical tube of wood or metal

Chairs, tables, bed frames, bookcases

__ snapping turtle is one of the heaviest

Reverend __, or Father; Abouna, Pappas

__ Le Pen, Marine’s father and French FN head

Italian starter comprising meats and cheeses

Dante __, writer who gave us the Divine Comedy

Surname of Jedi Knight to defeat Darth Vader

Loathsome, extremely unpleasant

Puzzle 5

Cofounder of Microsoft with Allen

Another name for spring onions

Italian city “of two seas”, capital of Calabria

Insect with two sets of wings, beautiful colors

Peaceful people


Astronomical instrument from Hellenistic world

Professional wine taster and steward

__ Balenciaga, Spanish fashion designer

Acerbic, snarky, biting, pungent, satiric

US music genre; Irish, Scottish and English roots

Chaplin is hungry, cops think he is pickpocket

Group 200

Puzzle 1

Wall __, Douglas shines as Gordon Gecko

M. C. __, optical illusion artist

Governor of the Bastille when it was stormed

Type of paper invented in Sui Dynasty China

To apply oil to, usually in a rite

__ Terrier is known for markings and a short nose

Water spirit misleading travellers to drown

Cartoon hero from Gotham City

Fruit with a yellow peel that grows on trees

A __ in time saves nine

A combustable petrolium distillate used as fuel

To reach your destination

Puzzle 2

A __ bat is known for sucking blood

__ come back to life after they die

Unit of measurement; 10,000 square meters

Ali Baba and the forty __

Large goblet used for wine drinking

To praise or idolize

Spike the __ always was on Jerry’s side

To launch a book

Famous cave paintings in southwestern France

Portuguese wine named after an island

Small explosive usually thrown by hand

Czar, sovereign, king, sultan

Louis __, luxury brand well-known for handbags

Unyielding attitude or opinion

They play the shawm

Puzzle 3

US mountain home to presidential faces

Comic book hero born on Krypton and sent to Earth

Alpine Winter Olympics resort, home of Cresta Run

Wake not a __ lion

Utensil that keeps solid pieces and not liquid

90s song and dance from Los Del Rio

Greek god of the sea

Kind of food used in snacks and hors d’oeuvres

Arachnid with large pincers and stinging tail

Main character of Homer’s The Iliad

Cavity from which a hair grows

Formal dress

Glossy black gemstone

Catholic saints, __ of Antioch and __ of Loyola

Puzzle 4

Steven __, US director of E.T.

__ Deneuve, French actress and cinema icon

Generic, global

Minor bodies without atmosphere that orbit the Sun

Can be a chamber, a symphony or a philharmonic one

Large seabirds with narrow wings

Strict observance of formalities

National airline of Germany

Area in a yard for planting

During the Holy Week it is called Spy __ in Ireland

Early Italian rulers who lost control to Romans

A sort of derivation of a clarinet

Forest site of historic Germans vs. Romans battle

Puzzle 5

Once known as Saul, patron of missionaries

Italian chestnut flour

Synonym of titanite, means “wedge” in Greek

Keanu __, main actor of The Matrix movie

Secretion in the mouth, helps digestion

Mount __, highest peak in the Caucasus

Mao __, founder of Chinese Communist Party

Edward __, US realist painter and printmaker

Roland __, French fighter pilot of WWI

Over, athwart, through

The __ Spaniel is known for its luxurious coat

A computer user does this seven times a minute

__ skating, ice dancing; individual and pairs

Gym __, half pants used for exercise

Left one’s country for political reasons