Amusement Park

Group 201

Puzzle 1

Mad as a __

Feeling afraid

Denmark’s town, “The Scaw” in English

Rankine, Celsius, Fahrenheit, Newton

To give power over to an authority figure

Medical term for inflammation of the ear

Ancient gate leading to the inner city of Babylon

He is said to have founded the Church of Alexandria

Largest island in the Mediterranean Sea

Tough__; dolly bird, cutie; small sweet cake

Puzzle 2

They do not make the man

Excursion, peregrination, trip

Frederic __, French poet with a windy surname

Nothing to __, quickest route through Customs

Place or room where food is prepared

The mimic octopus can mirror other marine __

KLM, United, Lufthansa, Air China

Artwork made with pencil or crayons

Hearer or disciple in Buddhism and Jainism

Yo-yos were first used as __ in the Philippines

The Mediterranean __ is good for growing fruits

Puzzle 3

Something a beggar can never be

Substance or liquid used to treat diseases

Latin name of the greek demi-god, son of Zeus

Three-dimensional picture made by lasers

Portuguese for tiles, used on walls or floors

The Amber __, written by Philip Pullman

Black hue based on barbecue necessity

Cooker patented by James Sharp in 1826

To make something pretty

Knife for the outdoors with serrated side

Broom __ males have numerous long spines

Apparent path of the Sun on the celestial sphere

__ Theron, won an Oscar for Monster

Jean-Jacques __, French philosopher in Jacobin Club

Via __, Roman road from the capital to the sea

Maker of beer and record books

A river or canal route for travelling by water

Puzzle 4

Dip made from avocados, created by the Aztecs

Night owl

Chamber of the heart, left or right

Pineapple-shaped British hand grenade

She wrote a diary which became famous worldwide

The Yeti supposedly lives in the __ region of Nepal

An expert in a finance-related social science

Sheaths for a sword, dagger or bayonet

This pursuit means no more privacy

Puzzle 5

Camel-hump sign, late delta wave, hathook junction

An exertion of power within something

Indian lentil soup often eaten with a dosa

Single-handed sword used in Northwestern Africa

Rubber or metal ring used in a car engine

Style perfected by US artist Andy Warhol

To break out, bunk, flight

Ancient Egyptian goddess and consort of Amun

Person who selects and approves newspaper copy

It cuts things into very small pieces

Romantic language and famous perfumes

Puts a damsel out of distress

The map __ does not have scales

Group 202

Puzzle 1

Neither single nor triple

Currency of Angola, replaced the escudo

Magical themed land

US fiction, The __and the Sea, Hemingway’s classic

Something carried with difficulty

Military occupational title, artillery title

Swiss river in the Bernese Alps, also called Saane

Another name for ghost, phantasm

Cooking in an oven

Enemies at war engage in this

If not in this state, you don’t need to fix it

Water __, you can also do it on snow

Puzzle 2

__ croucher is gray with red spots all over

Mediterranean plant, mustard like, used in salad

Insulating storage vessel, keeps liquid hot or cold

__ Operations Executive, WWII espionage unit

Appendages at the ends of your hands

Natural, formal and social are three types of this

Dressed up

Patron figure of dancers and actors

This athlete is not an aerialist or trapezist

Music performance by band, singer or orchestra

Italian writer of Our Ancestors trilogy

World’s largest ocean

Creature with unconfirmed existence

It is sweet

Chinese __ and Peasants’ Army, red flag wavers

Italian fashion house of colorful knitwear

Harmful, damaging, chafing

Puzzle 3

The __ Story, Best Foreign Film 1985, Argentina

___ Book, Medieval literature taught you manners

Car that runs on batteries, not gas

Italian, English, Spanish, French

Red Mughal castle in northern India, Uttar Pradesh

Sport played with a ball and a bat on a diamond

Spanish word for sponge cake, pastry or cookie


Heavenly plant, giant ragweed

A summary outline of a course requirements

French general, nicknamed the Little Corporal

Puzzle 4

Having several possible meanings

Newborn baby bird

Care and treatment of women during pregnancy

French general of the US Revolutionary war

Hollow tube with beans, pins inside to make rain

Children’s game in which you play doctor

Cooked bread and warm dairy liquid

Mythical Tibetan Buddhist kingdom

“Socializing” of computer hardware and software

__ Land, royal Norwegian Antarctic possession

Bette Davis cripples husband, wins Oscar

Swedish tennis player won five Wimbledon titles

Ammonium __, salt, unstable compound

Novel by Anne Bronte about a governess

Puzzle 5

Summer, fall, winter or spring

Simple campfire Australian bread

Ordained minister below a priest

__ Seconds Over Tokyo, US movie, Doolittle Raid

South American nation, “land of many waters”

Shrub also known as wattles

Joseph -Levitt, actor, filmmaker, producer

Three-wheeled motorized rickshaw-type vehicle

Type of wall built by British band, Oasis

Chinese daggers mounted on a detachable ring

Formal black tie attire for men

To decipher, crack, decrypt

Arctic animals with huge tusks and whiskers

Article used at table to wipe lips or fingers

Group 203

Puzzle 1

Hidden __, an undisclosed aim or motive

Weaver is Ripley in 1986 military sci-fi movie

Patron of the blind, her name means light

Dorothy L. __, UK writer, translator and humanist

Italian kitchenware design company

Eastern European capital, home to Kremlin

A very short period of time

Korean military sword

Eating, feasting

This kind of airy candy comes from spinning sugar

Emanuel __, French fashion and perfume designer

Puzzle 2

Cover of vehicle engine, cars, aircraft


Quartier __, famous Parisian district, Moulin Rouge

Hawaiian guitar meaning “jumping flea”

Fish that supports the Earth in Arabian mythology

The Flintstones was the first US primetime __

Facial air spaces can cause congestion, headaches

Pope Urban II launched the first one in 1095

It soothes cough

The highest-ranking authority

The Pekingese is also known as the __ or the Peke

Ancient abstract design used in art therapy

A type of shoe, same name as a university

The total income produced by a given source

Like snowmobiles, but on water

Spectacles to behold

High plain, tableland, no longer rising

Russian author of War and Peace, Anna Karenina

Puzzle 3

Judas __, disciple who betrayed Jesus

Russian mystic who advised the Tsar Nicholas

1024 terabytes equal to 1 __

Walk like one with The Bangles

One of the main deities in Greek mythology

He who handles a nettle __ is soonest stung

Single string instrument created in Brazil

Furniture holds your reading material

Metal that prevents steel from rusting

Name for a tin-mining area, South West Britain

Airbrushing is the hobby of __ with air

Hot __, US film with Cary Grant

__ flying, jumping with no chute or kite

What pirates are after

Iconic English fashion brand

__ dervishes, white-clothed spinning sufi dancers

Major snowstorm, can shut down cities

Puzzle 4

Alice is the main __ in Alice in Wonderland

What secretive families hide in their closet

Stocky burrowing marmot that hibernates

Soft French cow’s milk cheese from Normandy

Shell-like percussion instruments from Spain

The Virgin Queen

Of or relating to the skin

A __ life is not good for mind and body health

__ Bowel Syndrome – IBS

Title given to the prime minister of Ireland

Cotton fabric like velour but no sheen

Freshwater river discharges into Lake Eyre

Soft mineral used for carving

Puzzle 5

Korean car brand whose badge features a slanted H

Used to stop or prevent passage

__ Beard, goatee, moustache named after painter

__ Checkers or Chequers, strategy board game

Gastric means anything related to the __

Cone-shaped hard candy, multicolored

Polygon with six sides and six angles

Species of marine fish with privileged sight

Seats of kings and queens

God of compassion and love in Hinduism

__ Economy, class below Business on many US flights

Group 204

Puzzle 1

Undercoat to prepare a surface for painting

Parakeet is a smaller sized __

Silicate metal, can be used as gemstone, red

Not so great in size or worth

Mythological reptile in Europe and China

White grape wine from Emilia-Romagna

__ Shostakovic, Russian composer of symphonies

Lights, camera, __!

Famous sword of The Three Musketeers

Male child of your brother or sister

Foul smelling element used in fertilizers

Puzzle 2

Car that takes people to places, usually yellow

Fashion brand associated with tennis, gator logo

To watch closely, pay attention


The Pink __ is one of the funniest cartoons

Impressions like the first ones

Learning different types of moves for fun

Black butterflyfish are white with black __

Painkiller invented by Felix Hoffmann

Italian sweet butter cookies

Moon of Saturn, known for its two-tone coloration

The Hobbit, novel by J.R.R __

Container used to have a garden in a balcony

White water __, extreme river sport

Puzzle 3

Joey __, actor, Blossom, Brotherly Love

A general improvement in appearance

Financial years are divided by these

__ House, rooms to rent for extended periods

__ Szabo, WWII Special Operations agent

Indonesian layered cake with cardamom

__ Cowboy, Jon Voight played a male prostitute

Main gas in Jupiter

Priest of Ifa, word of Yoruba language

SE European country, capital Sofia

First and __

Study of sight

The ability to receive or contain, storage

Small round yellow bean for making hummus

Puzzle 4

Special Operations __, British WWII espionage unit

Periodical specializing in charts

__ Woman, Bacall, Peck quick marriage

Study of lighthouses

The uses of it are sweet

“Scottish” body of water in the Southern Ocean

Hairy eight-legged creature with beady eyes

Wayne __, British fashion designer, Red or Dead

Variety of squash

Billionaire, top business news source

US company that co-owns Hotpoint and Indesit

Gym class classic with rubber ball projectiles

Full of life, ready to be active

Puzzle 5

Water activity with paddle and dugout boat

A parrot with an erectile crest

Field covers what leads to human reproduction

Those who illegally follow or harass others

__ pass, paperwork issued by airline to check-in

Large rock that orbits the sun, __ belt

Citadel, impenetrable stronghold

Aromatic spice, green pods with black seeds

The daughter of a monarch

Substance needed for a healthy growth

Letters and tiles, spelling board game

__ Strait, eastern channel of Korea Strait

Alcatel mobile phone model range

Actor John __ starred in 70’s musical Grease

A slovenly woman

Having minute dots or spots

Dessert eaten at China’s Mid-Autumn Festival

Group 205

Puzzle 1

Deep-fried vigna mungo Indian dessert, jhangiri

Admission to a train, show, plane

__ in the Outfield is a 1994 remake of a 1951 film

__ Sturluson, Icelandic writer of the Edda

Ducks move this way

Mode of persuasion together with ethos and logos

Mexican muralist, Frida Kahlo’s husband

First muscle of the digestive system

South __, Nelson Mandela, apartheid

Canine with deadpan voice, in need of facelift

Gospel writer, patron of surgeons

African tree with big hollow trunk

Piece of cloth made by knitting or weaving

The Great __, nose-less mythological statue at Giza

__ and Jughead, US comics still out today

Puzzle 2

A __ shot is an additional dose of a vaccine

Illusion of a person without substance

African country, site of movie Black Hawk Down

Natural coloring matter in animals and plants

US squared baked dessert, chocolate and nuts

__ Navratilova, former Czech tennis player

A zebra Turkeyfish is a __ spiny tropical fish

The period of time between midnight and noon

Restless, anxious

Large handkerchief worn on head or around neck

Spiritual guide in Sufism

Puzzle 3

__ pudding, French, ladyfinger cold dessert

The __, US film about a flirtatious Mrs. Robinson

US National park became World Heritage Site in 1984

Poisonous, as a snake

Gather ye __ while ye may

A subdivision of Genghis Khan’s Mongol Empire

Type of yoga practice, energy raising

Month between January and March

A type of endive

A card suit

Revelation of an embarrassing or damaging secret

Puzzle 4

__ Tower, Parisian landmark

Red claw cuapetes __, mostly a clear crustacean

Placed in front of word to change meaning

The Battle of __, decisive naval combat in WWII

Orbiting celestial body

Blended lambic, secondary fermented Belgian beer

Unidentified __ Oddball is a 1979 book adaptation

Where you keep things cold

Tiny nutty seeds used to make tahini sauce

Soviet leader responsible for Great Purge

Sanguine, in heraldry

Puzzle 5

Apple mobile device

Street styles of dance, break, lock, pop

Zone of high ground between two streams

Gin, maraschino, orange bitters, lemon juice

Jane __, English novelist

Soviet space program for space exploration

Capital of Angola

__ Avogadro, Italian physicist with a constant

Greek personification of sleep

The only one of its kind, not typical

Martin Luther posted 95 to start the Reformation

Usually, a small space to store clothes

Fish famous for leaping spawning ritual

Public order offense, fighting or brawling

To ship commodities to another country

Group 206

Puzzle 1

Slightly bitter Belgian beer made with wild yeasts

To board a plane or ship for a journey

Antioxidants treat damage due to __ in the body

__ Burns, chairwoman of VEON

Hooded coats invented by the Inuit

Europe’s highest peak, in Caucasus Mountains

Jobholder, dogsbody, employee

Trauma-causing sport known as “sweet science”

__ Merkel, Germany’s first woman Chancellor

He can put a spell on you

US ’80 film about teleportation, man turns insect

Soft tissue found in animals, makes movement

French general and leader of Vichy France

Puzzle 2

Body of a lion, wings of an eagle

Marine fish belonging to the Carangidae family

You must control this to not gain weight

__ New Year, Spring or Lantern Festival

To make or create a fabric with a hooked needle

They like inflicting pain


New wine shouldn’t be put into old ones

One of the 13 words impossible to play in Scrabble

Rifle invented by German Hugo Schmeisser

British rock and blues artist who sang for Layla

Mystic or prophetic trance

__ Hook, Peter Pan’s archenemy

Filo-made pastry from the Ottoman Empire

Distention is being __ from internal pressure

Event during which people discuss business

Capital of Guinea

Loud-sounding natural phenomenon

Paint through the holes of this cut-out card

Placing possessions to move to another location

Puzzle 3

An Ankh is an ancient __ good luck charm

Short, musical play, often funny

A blessing in __

Encephalitis is __ of the brain

Ancient two-wheeled vehicle pulled by humans

Appropriate, suitable

Everyone celebrates this once a year

Country bordered only by Spain, capital Lisbon

Strong dark coffee, literally “pressed out”

Some mysteries will always remain __

__ Review, major feature of Common Law

A flap opening in a ceiling or into the floor

Calcium __, salt used for dust control

A shiny black substance that is used in pencils

Puzzle 4

__, home to Uttar Pradesh cricket team

Educator, scholar, teacher

Bottom drawer in UK, glory box in Australia

Fellini’s Italian movie, mythical tales set in Rome

US fermented dairy product, baked potato topping

Handel opera and mother of Nero

Beecher Stowe lived next door to Sawyer creator

This shark has a large black spot above front fins

Retreat of Chairman Mao’s Red Army from the KMT

System of national highways in France

Medical science of feet

Bread and wine ritual sharing in churches

Country where the Tasmanian devil is found

Puzzle 5

Sewn stitches that invisibly overcast a thread

Annular __, Porgies, small silver tropical fish

Leonardo Da Vinci’s masterpiece

In reality

French sweet white wine

Assistance for a sudden injury or illness

Six-line Spanish poem

Sweet __, US famous song, Neil Diamond

Ore of antimony used in firework production

Narrow strip of salt water in the seashore

Study of human settlement


Curved sword, like a Sikh kirpan

Stage between child and adult

UK car brand with a griffin emblem

Group 207

Puzzle 1

To cook just below boiling point

Large cage or enclosure for birds

Spoiled brat in the Fantastic Chocolate Factory

Third-place metal found in ancient Mesopotamia

Supreme council of the ancient Roman empire

To go onto the beach or land from a ship

Magical medicine, a witch’s brew

__ Freud, portrait artist

Comic strip popular in early 1920s by Walter Berndt

Cheat the mob and you could be wearing __ shoes

Frankfurt __, busiest airport in Germany

A penny saved is a penny __

To convert food into energy in the stomach

Rim or collar for strength or attachment

A bungled shot in golf

French fashion company founded by Coco

Clayface is a villian in __ comics in 1940

Something that happens at this later time

Full name of this card game is contract __

Puzzle 2

Soccer referee uses this to expel players

One of five “big cats”, comes in snow form

The process or period of gathering in crops

Rum __, Bermuda’s national drink

Gland that produces fight or flight hormone

The capital of __ is Hanoi

Roman general and victor at Battle of Actium

Audi’s car name, means four in Italian

Entertaining, causing laughter, pleasant

Anything affected by time or power on computers

Italian white goods brand, sister of Hotpoint

Carry-on, holdall; clutch, sports or duffle

Belgian surrealist, nude painter

Morphology branch, studies structure of organisms

Puzzle 3

A car is a beauty in US but he is __ in UK

Saturn is composed mainly of helium and __

Nickname for the Boeing 747

The art of chasing metal

Wolf, flow and fowl are all __

El __, royal palace complex near Madrid

Bibles are souvenir __ at the circus

Agatha __, world-known UK crime novelist

Space in a house for children to have fun in

In finance, the final cost or amount

Professional term for a boxer

__ Tables, 1958 US drama film, Rita Hayworth

US fruit pastry, widely eaten

Epipelagic fish inhabiting warm waters

As white as snow, as black as coal, as red as a __

Puzzle 4

Simian-like creature, US folklore, Big Foot

Mountain range border between India and China

Italian train station inside main airport for Rome

To decorate an object with paper cut-outs

Meeting not held due to insufficient attendance

The study of the heavens

Twice UK Prime Minister, won Nobel Prize in 1953

Coffee-making system, French press in US

Former currency of Austria

Most common of these large, furry mammals

The __ Club, 1980s US film, students in detention

Another name for Tolkien’s Hobbits

Italian secret revolutionary society in early 1800s

Puzzle 5

On or onto the bottom in shallow water

Sam __, US actor known for cowboy roles

It’s not worth crying over __ milk

Double-edged Japanese sword

Chisinau is the capital

Quark pancakes from Eastern Europe

You can eat them

Working space in a office

__ Hicks, painful contractions but not real

Flowering plant, tastes like liquorice

Muslim holiday of fasting, the ninth month

Group 208

Puzzle 1

To restore to good condition after damage

Italian word for small cave

Cadmium salts are toxic and cause __

The __ bird has an odd call, also a type of clock

The Great __, DiCaprio’s remake of a classic

___ Christie, best known for her detective novels

The Japanese stock exchange index

Baltic country, Riga is its capital

__ War, post WWII conflict on Asian peninsula

Bush with beautiful colors, blooms in spring

France’s tennis Grand Slam, Roland __

To clear a disc or drive on a computer

To long, want, crave

Puzzle 2

Halloween’s favorite round vegetable

Study of the formation of the earth

Something that has been changed or modified

Powerful comic league of super heroes

Rock formed through the solidification of lava

Fortune teller

Publisher’s name placed conspicuously on a page

Eight-tentacled ink-spraying sea creature

South Korean tech giant, Apple rival

Germanic region around the Dutch Rhine delta

Metal or plastic used to fix a hole in a tooth

Puzzle 3

The __, John Wayne travels to Ireland

Structure in Western Australia, a petrified ocean

Programs to keep a computer safe


Technical term for bone break

Reform period of the Ottoman Empire

The __ is a new cat breed with very short legs

Event that happens suddenly and unexpectedly

Different, not the same, distinct

The art of being able to wait

Abundance of goods or material possession, wealthy

Device flattens the “wrinkles” in female hair

Puzzle 4

It takes you to class

Disguised, with false identity

Historic British trading company, __ Company

The right to sell a company’s services or products

Medical name for chickenpox

Little __, Andersen’s tale of a dying street child

Baby bird

Rock lover

Colorful US music style with banjos


To get out or run away in panic

Steven __, director of Jurassic Park

French name for water bath in cooking

Puzzle 5

Dark-purple plum

Half-human half-machine, bionic human

1695 European tale, Little Red __ Hood

Cotton cloth used as a surface for painting

The Wrath __, second original Star Trek movie

Man who is given the title of Sir in England

Local agency of law enforcement

Someone having great power or force

The longest Old Testament book with 150 parts

Tool with steel head to hit nails

Group 209

Puzzle 1

Ancient city of Upper Mesopotamia

To have something in mind as a goal

Small knob used for holding clothes together

Mythical creature with man’s head and fish’s tail

Added to table salt to prevent diseases

Turmeric, pepper and cardamom are all __

Norway seaport and cruise ship terminal

__ Airways, second-largest airline of the UAE

To fall down as a result of physical pressure

Name of place where a metal worker works

Group of countries against the Axis Powers in WWII

Puzzle 2


First commercial video game console for home use

Bad guy in a story

Wooden conical labrophone used by mountain dwellers

To move forward or ahead

Norse seafarers, raiders and traders

US daily comic strip, satirical office humor

__ wall, ancient limestone holy place in Jerusalem

Emperor of Japan who came to power in 1989

Indian flatbread; many spellings, also called roti

Puzzle 3

Crumbly top on muffins, pies and cakes

What can go wrong

Most __ in the body are beneficial or harmless

Hans Christian __, best known for fairy tales

Modern day state of the Khans

Protagonist in Shakespeare’s King Lear

This agreement can be written or oral

This person plans and builds using math and physics

Musical piece by US composer Gershwin, __ in Blue

Another name for a lawyer or counselor

Puzzle 4

A subcategory of a broader category

Mouth surgeon always asks if you’ve been flossing

Longest river in Asia, Chang Jiang

__ del Toro, actor known for his role in Traffic

Middle Eastern drum with a rounded back

Civil Disobedience is __ resistance

Do not wear out your __

Small computer component with inputs, functions

Side of a coin with the monarch’s head on

Frodo’s last name

__ animal, kid’s plush toy, Teddy the most popular

One-eyed Greek creatures

Directions or position while flying

Emotionless humor

La __, French mail order company founded in 1837

Another word for police

Glass window on the ceiling of a car

__ corals are also known as flower corals

Plumber suction tool

Puzzle 5

Main dish, leftovers used as cold cuts

Not capital letters

Interesting, amusing or biographical incident

Ruler of the Aztecs, associated with a gippy tummy

Cate__, actress of Lord of the Rings


Taking God’s name in vain

Weather instrument invented by Torricelli

Athletic competition with ten different events

The eldest son of the Russian highest monarch

Mesopotamian empire

Digit end

Master of Suspense

Important for drivers, especially on hills

Study or anything related to your ears

Group 210

Puzzle 1

Purply, darkish red

Fabric like velvet but stretchy

Blythe __, actress, mother of Gwyneth Paltrow

Docket, timetable, items’ plan

Matured Kajmak in dried animal skin sacks

Long curved blade on a handle carried by Death

Animal that builds dams, has long front teeth

King __ II, lived in idyllic Neuschwanstein Castle

Mortar and __, stone device to make paste or powder

Painting on moist plaster surface

Well done if you hoisted with your own __

To suddenly come into sight

Puzzle 2

Green gemstone

Largest alpine glacier in Switzerland

A luminary from Rotterdam

__ Cocktail, improvised WWII incendiary

The result of air blown through soapy water

Male partner in a marriage

A delta is a plain __ two river mouths

St Teresa __, 16th C Roman Catholic saint

The __ Day, US epic war film, Normandy landing

Sporting event of swordplay

Pilot whales are members of the __ family

Italian sports car manufacturer based in Maranello

Software used to do operations

To be extremely angry

Puzzle 3

Hot Wheels competitor

__ paso, horse breed for a smooth ride


Energy from food comes from __ we intake

Going up a mountain or a rock

Stick it beneath the carpet for insulation

Hosea is one of 12 minor __ in the Hebrew Bible

Finely ground sugar, confectioners

Television binge effort, sounds athletic

Germanic people that ruled part of Italy in 568-774

A giving person is __

The __, superlative adjective, the most grandiose

If superstitious, never open this indoors

A picture or painting of an ocean area

Lower deck of a ship, for lowest cost travel

New __ Yard, the London base for the Met Police

Losing my __, REM’s hit song from the 90’s

Unlimited extent of time, space or quantity

The __ New Clothes, Danish fairy tale

__ acid, used in bleach and disinfectants

Largest English speaking city south of the U.S.

Puzzle 4

Armored mammal with pointy snout

Political ideology of communal ownership

Luke __, Star Wars’ protagonist

Method to disseminate real-time content, live __

In the US, drink mixer and server

A mythological, magical or folklore story

French enamelwork setting vitreous pieces in grids

To make someone feel self-conscious

A deck behind the house

Sydney __ Smith Airport, busiest in Australia

Day of __, holy day also known as Yom Kippur

Scotch whisky and Amaretto on the rocks

A variety of gypsum, selenite

Led Brazil to 1962 World Cup, after Pele

Pee-Wee’s __, Mr. Herman’s oddball junior show

So many __, so many customs

Quick-spreading respiratory disease

Ancient Roman heating system for buildings

Captain Von Trapp sings about this Alpine flower

Puzzle 5

A large gathering of scouts, Country Bear __

Emperor of Japan from 1926 until 1989

The first step in this is discontent

Looming, impending

Maleficent star, __ Jolie

Australasian waterbird, also called Pukeko

Medieval moral book with animals

Fish that leaps above the surface of the water

A permanent alteration that changes a DNA sequence

__ biking started in the 1970s

__ Palsy, movement disorder

Done or existing alone

“Jack” cheese mixed with colby in marbled form

Male horse, used for breeding

Defensive walls in battlements

Group 211

Puzzle 1

The Serengeti cat is half Bengal, half __ Shorthair

Protection against hackers

Protester for change

Safe place to be in case of a tornado

__ worship, veneration of deceased relatives

Benefits Supervisor __, by Lucian Freud

Country in South Asia, capital is Islamabad

A pentathlon is five __ athletic events

Old man’s beard climber with colorful flowers

Anne __, US actress, The Graduate

Backyard is a circus trade __

Classic “aerial” cocktail includes violette

Who __ to you will chatter of you

Puzzle 2

Bassist, lead singer of face-painted band KISS

To provide money for something or someone

Hannibal Lecter, Silence of the Lambs, __Hopkins

Medicine that reduces pain and fever

Poultry item brushed onto a pastry before baking

Aladdin’s kingdom in the 1992 Disney film

Post-transition metal similar to lead

Eager but worried about an event, item

Kids __ to be someone else

Relating to Greek or Roman antiques, art, writing

__ act is an aerial act with long cloths

Board game and Shakespeare’s tragedy

Largest living primate, eats mostly plants

Coastal region, people or language of SE Africa

Puzzle 3

Sunrise, dawn

__ to his taste

Process involving lead started in 6500 BC Turkey

The slope of a raised area of land

Spanish principality, Oviedo is its capital

Illegal, felonious, illicit, lawless

Sideboard cupboard found in dining room

One of the months of the calendar

Someone who admires intensely and often blindly

When chemicals transform from one set to another

This sport combines basketball and soccer

Important to Quranic teaching, Tunisian city

US comic strip about a lasagna-loving feline

Female counterpart to Egyptian sun god

Woody, aromatic evergreen shrub used as herb

Puzzle 4

WWI campaign in Turkey with Australian involvement

Study of Earth’s lands, people and phenomena

Scientist concerned with turning metals to gold

Simulated and colorful combat

Victuals, food

A UK bay is named after this Medieval folk hero

Relating to the lungs

Unifier of Bhutan as a nation-state

Area centers around study of symbols

Hospital transportation

Woodwind instrument invented in Belgium in 1840

An herbivore dinosaur with a pointy thumb

John Cleland’s epistolary novel

Gluten free loaf made from other staple food

Puzzle 5

Someone you compete against, enemy

Austin Powers, Shrek, Wayne’s World

Independent worker, self-employed

Rock used to sharpen agricultural blades on

A heroscape is a turn-based __ war game system

Best-known novel written by Jack Kerouac

Sri __ Sahib, Amritsar’s Golden Temple

Benito __, Italian ruler during WWII

Group 212

Puzzle 1

Fly larva, white worm-like larva

The __ Deception, doc criticized US military

Puckering in cloth

Soris, founder of the 4th Ancient Egyptian Dynasty

Official currency of Gambia

Family originators of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Tree or insect that came in a plague

Euphrates’ holy city near ancient Babylon

Air __, oxygen-providing Australian musical duo

To neglect or pay no attention to

This study takes closer look at bird eggs

__ Huxley, English writer, Brave New World

Geographic area atop of the world

Everyday Italian bread translates to “line”

Bologna-based motorcycle manufacturer

Puzzle 2

Male magic practitioner, wizard

Warm moments associated with menopause

Warren __, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway

New York is located in North __

Long-beaked bird with a large throat pouch

One who has acquired representation

A series of continued actions or operations

Merchandise to be taken back to the store

Study of life

Yard-long double-edged sword from Eastern Africa

Someone who can read your mind

Place where a ship stops to load people or goods

Puzzle 3

The __ Sea Raven is bright yellow with prickly fins

It can be one man’s trash

This belt moves luggage at an airport

Capital city of India

Mouse Trap is a 3D __ board game for kids

__ driving is a major traffic violation in the US

Andersen’s tale of dancing feet in bright footwear

Hubert de __, French designer for Audrey Hepburn

Georgian Orthodox holy city near capital

Study of natural or biological character

Bridge designer or app creator

__ of May 1808, Goya’s war artwork

To quickly increase in size or intensity

Greek “squeaky” cheese, grilled or barbecued

Famous German fighter pilot called “Ace of Aces”

Agitated, distressed, perturbed

Musical instrument often linked to Scotland

An __ In Paris, won the Academy Awards in 1952

This angel can make your business dream come true

Puzzle 4

Investment firm specializing in managing risk

Common US food, buttermilk and __

Cha ching, study of material wealth

Keira __, actress of Pirates of the Caribbean

Liquorice-flavored “heavenly body” spice

By the very nature of the deed

The Y and the S in YSL, French fashion designer

Athletic supporter

Insect with beautiful wings

Mountain range between China, India and Pakistan

Puzzle 5

Slang for red-headed person

Copenhagen’s pleasure gardens

__ Dahl, drummer of Norwegian hard rock band TNT

Custom-makes, repairs and alters clothes

Sudden mass arrival

Eight-legged sea creatures

Spiked shoes used in soccer to avoid slipping

To accumulate, collect, amass

Cyst or tumor that is not harmful

Tall black formal accessory mostly worn by men

You put a ring on it

Joseph __, English inventor of Portland cement

George __, was Superman on TV

Typical bread from Lunigiana region in Italy

Knowledgeable spider from African folktales

Taxi Driver’s character played by De Niro

Former currency of Finland, replaced by the euro

To actively not notice someone or something

Crashing this car is the goal

Largest number formed by one syllable in English

Group 213

Puzzle 1

Certainly, without a doubt, yes

Male swimsuit popular Europe, not so much in US

One of the founders of modern political philosophy

Battle of 1916 on the Meuse river

Italian painter from 16th C, real name Tiziano


Legendary creature, fire-spewing, with serpentine

Portuguese archipelago in the North Atlantic

Part of olive tree given as peace offering

The __ Strikes Back, second Star Wars film

Ancient calculator with moving beads

Puzzle 2

__ Dance, Bruegel’s artwork of pastoral carousing

French version of the Punch and Judy show

Thriller about a war veteran on a killing spree

Shallow-rooted plants used in rockeries

With Jones made global non-stop balloon flight

RPG is a Role __ Game

Hills with the TV zip code 90210

German layered pastry with sweet filling

Men __, Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones star

Candy and treats on Halloween

A near success is close but this

Psionics relates to mental or __ powers

Puzzle 3

Planets, asteroids, stars and comets live here

L’__ en Provence, cosmetics company

Gustavus __, king known as the Lion of the North

Japanese motorcycle and jet ski brand

__, reggae album by Bob Marley & The Wailers, 1979

Eyes __, Kubrick’s last motion picture

Ancient mammoth

Medicine that counteracts poisons

Candy-coated gum that resemble teeth

Sea of the __, off coast of western Scotland

Amos __ , world-renown painter from the Bahamas

Table with days, weeks, months and year

They could be called “the opposite of sisters”

Puzzle 4

Co-founded Apple with Wozniak and Wayne


Benito __, Italian fascist leader, 1922-1943

Calcium-rich feldspar mineral

Elder or senior priest in Catholicism

US boxer who bit his opponent’s ear

Anagram of arsenides

Crocodile’s cousin

Highest point of the Alps with a peak at 4,808m

The month with the highest number of letters

Hard natural ecosystem under the ocean

Puzzle 5


An artist whose canvas is a wall or a ceiling

Fiction or drama with high degree of suspense

It is similar to a duck, but no duck at all

Say what your greatest __ is in a job interview

Trait of being obsessed with yourself

Tractors powered by __ were created in 1892 Iowa

Coastal, on the shore of a lake

First made in 1963 by rocket scientists in the US

Set __, stage scenery not used, more realistic

A baker’s dozen

Substance or preparation used to treat a disease

Group 214

Puzzle 1

A street musician who collects donations

Shared name of six kings of Spain, Felipe

The Pug is a small dog with a wrinkly, short __

Haulm __, agricultural machine that cuts potato stems

A concussion is an __ to the brain from a blow


The second most populous continent

Game played usually with raquets and a yellow ball

Warning signal, usually elevated

1960s science-themed children’s TV series on BBC

Indian monastery

Lapis __, deep blue stone found in NE Afghanistan

Puzzle 2

The Doctor’s __, UK play by George Bernard Shaw

Daughter of Necker and critic of Napoleon

Small, guitar-like instrument

The lek is the official currency there since 1926

Water zodiac sign coming after Libra

Fragrance, aroma, scent, spice

Bar attached to two ropes used by acrobats

Fuel made from ethyl alcohol

Room in house where best smells come from

Jackson __, US artist who painted The She-Wolf

The __ Movie, starring Snoopy

Puzzle 3

Mincing, blending, grating; drilling

A person who works as a landscaper

The Apple 1 __ was released in 1976

Cards Against __, US satirical non-PC party game

St Francis __, patron saint of animals

It was nice doing __ with you

Popular singing competition with famous judges

One of the parts of the small intestine

Living species neither human nor domesticated

__ English, dialect of English spoken in the US

Sholem __, Russian writer of Fiddler on the Roof

Mountain chain that separates France and Spain

Activity requiring physical effort

Puzzle 4

Powerful lights attached to the front of a vehicle

Home to top British university, “Silicon Fen”

Longest-ruling female in Russia, __ the Great

The study of stars and planets

This animal can float when in water

Condorman is a Disney __ comedy film

Arm of the Atlantic ocean, west of Greenland

In a boxing match, he usually coaches the fighter

__ Festival, famous Canadian theatrical gathering

Antonym of knowledge, which is perhaps bliss

Made from cacao beans, extremely delicious

Richard the __, England’s brave king

Puzzle 5

Byzantine with a dynasty created in his name

A spiritual overseer

Eight notes, in music

Old French for “angel”; it means “lamb” in English

Shopping website and Brazilian river

Bright-colored flower from the sunflower tribe

__ oysters are sessile with very colorful mantles

Jhumpa __, wrote The Namesake

Virtue is its own __

Group 215

Puzzle 1

To scribble or draw with no purpose on notebook

Halloween face paint, female fashion accessory

Set of rules and principles that govern a sentence

Prehistoric supercontinent

Salty, usually a solution for contacts

The most popular carrots used to be this color

Chinese portrait painter, __, born 1801

They are usually married to kings

Conical __ crab, also called Decorator crab

Puzzle 2

Educator, mentor, coach

Morgan __, global financial services corporation

Expert ship builders between 8th C and 11th C

Cat __, UK 70’s singer today known as Yusuf Islam

Pause in the middle of line of poetry

The study of past events

Mud __, off-road motor sport, mudding

Animated caricature

Northern Russian sea near Kolguyev Island

__ oil, distillate of petroleum used in cosmetics

Green fruit with large pit, goes bad quickly

Computer key with a function

A humanoid robot, a mobile operating system

Secret, occult, mysterious writing or language

To have confidence in someone

Coal __, nickname for German military helmets

Puzzle 3

The __ point of water is 0 degrees centigrade

Premier scuba diving locations in the Philippines

Former spelling of the Chinese province of Sichuan

Defibrillation is an __ shock to the chest or heart

Very light, sheer, gauze-like fabric

__ Pie, 1999 US teen comedy film

Times __, was default typeface of Microsoft Word

Revolution launched by Mao in China

Kia SUV model, name sounds a bit fit and athletic

Major Bible writer, “weeping” prophet

Benevolence, the opposite of cruelty

Puzzle 4

Field about action of force on bodies

The twelve primary followers of Jesus

Mona Lisa Descending a __, 1992 Oscar winner

Widely and unfavorably known

Prima __, the main dancer of a company

Equine equivalent of a dalmatian

Swiss supper, pancake or “shredded, fried crepe”

Rate of death

Having the characteristics of an uncle

Techniques for advantage without striking in MMA

Type of headaches

Monosodium __, better known as MSG

Puzzle 5

Volvo engineer who devised the seat belt

Prophetic software and technology corporation

Glass actually comes in this form

A specialized agency of the United Nations

This insect’s bite can lead to sleeping sickness

Florence art gallery housing Renaissance art

Official currency of Israel

Also known as the cucurbit flute

A person who practices or studies legal matters

Country famous for being romantic

To improve or change form or condition

Group 216

Puzzle 1

Georges __, French painter, helped develop cubism

European country, capital is Sarajevo

Chess piece representing a clergyman

An astronomical body orbiting a star

To go to an event, lecture, school

Not a veteran

A __ control tells the TV what to do

Craft of attaching objects using stitches

Fresh, unripened curd cheese used in desserts

This animal’s foot will bring you good luck

His father built the Labyrinth for King Minos

Image file format to store digital images

__ red, pH indicator in labs

Coral reefs that have formed around sunken islands

Puzzle 2

Noel __, UK musician, bassist for Jimi Hendrix

The study of alien spacecraft and similar phenomena

In the blind one the one-eyed man reigns

A usually tall cupboard or wardrobe

Heavy balls are rolled to knock down pins

The guard hairs of an animal’s fur

__ Centenario, football world’s classic stadium

Therapeutic manipulation of muscles for pain

Characteristic for one who struts with confidence

Kuril Islands’ sea, between Russia and Japan

Ancient Arabic dish made of durum wheat

Alice Through the __ Glass, novel by Lewis Carroll

Puzzle 3

__ and lime

Czech tennis champion 1 Jana __

Percy Shaw invented this illuminating road feature

By cutting his hair she made him effete

Arthur __, illustrator of Edwardian books

Adjective that describes the Tower of Pisa

A reprimand, a rebuke

Scientist who works with reactive substances

European food fish from the Cod family

The proper place for a crooner to sing

Cheat in video games to make you invincible

Rope for raising and lowering things, on ships

Residence of King Louis XIV: __ de Versailles

Plot giveaway

In this film Dustin Hoffman’s character has autism

Puzzle 4

The __, crafty lady by Vermeer

Long-distance race that consists of three parts

Flight routes that cover the least distance

Chinese gooseberry, green flesh, furry brown skin

Superior first-class cabin on board of a ship

German lake, also known as the Bodensee

Man who revolutionized the US car industry

Ruled by vanity, only interested in oneself

Ridiculous, absurd

Indonesian yellow cake made of tapioca flour

Leonard __, American conductor and composer

The Fabulous __, US film, Pfeiffer and the Bridges

An irrational fear of animals

Vessel powered by a furnace and water

Puzzle 5

Common low back pain

Small area or group enclosed in a bigger one

A 1940 car in Cuba, also known as yank tank

A period or state of decline

The __ Pimpernel, Reign of Terror novel by Orczy

A person who teaches or coaches

It is the smallest country in the world

Used for babies struggling with breast-feeding

Secondary roads or streets

Personal computer not designed to be moved often

Ninety percent of all extinct __ are birds

Art made of various materials glued on a surface

Group 217

Puzzle 1

__ Aires, city of tango, Latin America’s Europe

Anagram of please

John __, UK writer and polemicist, Paradise Lost

Partial darkness due to obstruction of light

How tall something or someone is

He shovels fuel into a furnace on a steam train

The barred __, central Atlantic fish with stripes

Dipping dish, usually made of cheese or chocolate

Penguin named after French explorer’s wife

To be able to do something without a problem

When stomach acid moves into your chest

Small utensil often used for peeling fruit

Puzzle 2

One of two components of starch

Lenovo range of tablets designed for home users

Medicine that provides immunity to a disease

Ancient Greek city, Temple of Artemis

Tall African animal, has dark-colored tongue

Member of the upper house of Congress

Smallest Nordic country, capital is Copenhagen

Olympic event includes BMX, road, track

The Atriolum Robustum is found in __ waters

__ peppers usually have rice as a filling

Libra is assigned to this month

Another name for this language is Castilian

Amateur singer sings along with recorded music

Men strain at gnats and __ camels

An inlet is a narrow __ between islands

Puzzle 3

The southernmost of Rome’s seven hills

The banded __ is a venomous Pacific marine snake

Wide tubes of pasta

Use this to never forget a birthday or a holiday

A hemorrhage is an __ loss of blood

Area where news is written in a newspaper office

Don’t make __ a mouse, or the cat will eat you

Boy who can fly and never grows up

Type of sky that is all gray

Zimmerman is this talented songwriter’s surname

__ Glory from Lilliput, Gulliver’s Travels novel

Yogurt with no whey, passed through filter

Trifling, unimportant

The Howards of __, US film with Cary Grant

__ Belt, between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter

Name given to 13 popes, meaning harmless and pure

Puzzle 4

Not cell phones

Someone who makes or repairs footware

Pass-allowing train to travel around Europe

Mellow-flavored soft cheese from Italy

To search about, ferret out; to rummage

Sport played on broomsticks in Harry Potter

The Black Jack is a large __ tropical fish

Unbearably tedious

Eleanor of ___, married to Henry II

The scientific study of snakes

Puzzle 5

George __, author of the classic 1984

Wild and noisy Irish party; also “blowing a __”

Overjoyed, mega-happy

Thin, brief and short, describes saucy clothing

__ Sour, citric cocktail with melon liqueur

Geri Halliwell, aka __ Spice

The Adams __, NES video game released 1992

__land Paris, Walt’s theme park in Europe

Thank God It’s __, 1978 disco musical

US sprinter Flo-Jo’s married surname

__ Mussorgsky, humble Russian composer

Main tributary of the Ob River in Russia

African nature excursion

Group 218

Puzzle 1

Japanese __ crab, largest leg span of arthropods

Thor’s weapon of choice

Work stoppage by a body of workers

Time frame after the Post-classical history period

US famous and controversial low-carb diet

Silly talk, nonsensical

Amount of an item a business has on hand

Place where art or historical items are displayed

Gustav __, Austrian composer of Romantic pieces

A book of first letters

One that grinds grain into flour

Puzzle 2

Articles made of earthenware or baked clay

To have power over

Tom Hanks’ co-star, US film “You’ve got mail”

A green fruit used to make guacamole

Carbon __ is what we breathe out

The legislative capital of Georgia

Land by the waters, visited by daytrippers

Medical condition seen by the excess of body fat

Estadio __, soccer stadium in Mexico

Fictitious giant animal or plant, good or evil

Secret scheme

A bad __ never had a good sickle

Colorful, natural formation in the sky

Robert __, professor in Symbology in literature

Organ that fills with waste fluid

US cartoon about an old man with big glasses

Diminishing __, profits don’t match effort

Puzzle 3

Small nation state in Europe, capital Ljubljana

Satoshi __, bitcoin designer, real identity unknown

Lustrous transition metal resistant to corrosion

Hard candy or water-ice mounted on a stick

Part of ethics dealing with pleasure

Victorian writer and lord, In Memoriam

Body’s frame

Life is just a bowl of __

Roller coaster, also known as Tsunami

Walking supports

Opposite of negative

Aion, Greek god of __; foreverness

Puzzle 4

Women want to have them very long


Soft, moist calcite originally found in Poland

Submissive, obliging

The capital of Palau

Not a planet; political economy, study of wealth

The __, UK murder mystery play by Agatha Christie

It can’t stick its tongue out

Estadio __, largest Central American stadium

Cabinet-maker renowned for his chairs

Puzzle 5

__ gas, chemical agent used in the WWI trenches

Sort of Italian creamy rice dish

Decongestants shrink __ membranes in noses

She’s been called a material girl

Son of Aegeus, slayer of the Minotaur

Army rank below a brigadier general in British Army

A vent in a volcano, narrow fissure in two rocks

2013 outer space US film starring Sandra Bullock

To draw in by appealing to the senses, emotions

Wreath that is worn or hung decoratively

The Boxer breed comes from __ in Europe

Group 219

Puzzle 1

Bernardus __ was a Dutch historical painter


French film festival gives away Golden Palms

Beer to which lemonade is added

Chemical components that contain oxygen

The Komodo __ is the largest lizard in the world

A female sibling

__ Pirlo, Italian midfielder with great vision

Christmas song, __ Night

William __, aviation mogul, company has his name

Machu __, famous ancient Incan city built on stone

One who tends cattle or horses

Keeper of a British royal park or forest

Tradesperson who fuses metals using a torch

Puzzle 2

Thin Italian flatbread made with lard

Different or distinct from the one first considered

Natural occurence, results in melted rock

Patron of Wales whose feast day is March 1st

The origin or coming into being of something

Elves are said to have __ powers

The opposite of sister

Country in Europe, Helsinki is the capital

It can result in redness and blisters on skin

To make a change in the direction of light

To place things in a desired order

The __ Spider Man, US comic book by Stan Lee

Difference between debits and credits in accounts

Puzzle 3

Healthcare institution where patients are treated

__ item, annoying detail prevents job completion

Machine that is able to fly

Brass instrument with long slide

One who does not believe nor disbelieve in a God

Stirrer of political ideas or liquids

Scottish catholic missionary of the Pictich peoples

Male horse that has not been gelded

Height above sea level

2016 Canadian-Spanish science fiction black comedy


Puzzle 4

Areas of trees growing in brackish waters

Christina played Kelly in Married… with Children

The process of breaking down food in the body

Cheery US sitcom with the Fonz

Shooting opponents with balls filled with paint

Canine who works with the constabulary

The movie Fantasia is set to pieces of __ music

Science about improving living conditions

Operation __, first submerged circumnavigation

Original copy of a product

Device for measuring amount of precipitation

They that sow the wind, shall reap the __

Type of country dance done in a sequence

Rough surface for driving or ice cream

Style of songs that started in the US in the 1940s

Puzzle 5

__ Washington was the first US president

Urban __, macabre folklore, part of pop culture

Stadium officially known as Stadion Feijenoord

Gorge and river in south-eastern France

Former currency of Portugal

A stoat during winter

Small eggs in flowers

Long form of can’t

Positive or optimistic

Hugely popular dairy product, many varieties

Digital representation

Group 220

Puzzle 1

Treated honestly, impartially

__ the Great, King of Wessex from 871 to 899

Shin __, protections for lower leg in soccer

Academic document granted by university

Phobos and __ are the moons of Mars

__ & blues has its origins in blues and jazz

Tropical fruits with pink flesh and green outer

In tales, they live in lamps and grant wishes

Companion to the famous detective Sherlock Holmes

Human tailbone

French city, sounds like a Greek mythical city

Seal __, known for attacks by great white sharks

Puzzle 2

Illness with specific signs, symptoms, diagnosis

Fine, crisp, luxurious silky fabric for dresses

Long, flat bone in middle of chest, breastbone

Before now

Sale where items are sold to highest bidder

Appliance used to cut and mix food

Large white fruit, green or brown on the outside

Another name for aardvark

Infection caused bacterium Bacillus anthracis

Italy’s eastern neighbor

Where nuns, monks or friars live

Puzzle 3

__, legendary martial artist, actor and director

Charitable, giving

Brazilian form of martial art, won first UFC

Al Pacino’s movie, means “Cara Cortada” in Spanish

Music produced without electric amplification

Criminal, racketeer

__ Husky dog, thick fur, light eyes, cold climates


Where arm and torso meet, joint

Knowledge in conducting military operations

Biogenic gemstone from the US Rocky Mountains

Puzzle 4

Typographic recourse to emphasize a word or phrase

Patron of lost belongings and possessions

Thistle-like vegetable with leaves and a heart

French writer and famous practitioner of naturalism

Pointy nose mammal with armor shell

Gentleman’s __, not enforceable by law

To detail carefully

Based on the number twenty

Meeting, reunion

India’s film industry

The study of bones

Korean martial art developed in the 1940s

Puzzle 5

Pluricentric language spoken in West Africa

First computer __ game was created in 1971

This piece can move diagonally in chess

Laurence __, UK writer and dramatist

Preserved objects of religious significance

They go camping, learn skills, even sell cookies

The capital of Lesotho


German officer known as the Desert Fox in WWII

Roman god of light, music, healing, poetry

Honorary title conferred upon mounted warriors