Group 441

Puzzle 1

Unfairly, not in a morally right way

Unnerves, bothers

Main body section of an aeroplane

Wearing black clothes has this effect

Revealed information, disclosed

People held hostage

Eating lightly

Losing density

Largest of the US Great Lakes

Battle of 1642, the first of the English Civil War

Puzzle 2

Trademark for a non-stick plastic used in cookware

Outdoor area, with plants, belonging to a house

Seashell where you might find a pearl

Deep holes or cracks in the Earth

Largest country in area in the Northern hemisphere

Floral glazed cottons used disparagingly in homes

For luck, avoid stepping on these small crevices

London street on which the art deco Savoy is found

An involuntary response to a stimulus

Puzzle 3

Tall waxy pillars create a festive glow

Flowering herbaceous plant with lemon flavour

Sing-along entertainment created in Japan

“Live long and __” said Mr Spock

Small case for face powder

Receptacles made from wicker, e.g. for logs

Hunt around in an unstructured way

Make someone less angry

Letters or postage sent by plane

Turned away, rejected by a lover

Small waves that appear on the surface of water

Puzzle 4

Progeny, children, kids

Anarchic animation with Kenny, Cartman, Kyle, Stan

Syndrome where the kidnapped trusts the kidnapper

Forty-one twice

Battles with

Fight for Your Mind and The Will to Live artist

Site of the final battle of the Hundred Years’ War

State of the economy exhibiting a rise in prices

Worshippers, believers or followers of a religion

Unofficial game of 5-on-5 basketball

Designated landing areas for planes

Director of the movies Psycho and The Birds

Young female troop member who might sell cookies

Puzzle 5

Action of sticking to a surface

Contribution or gift, sometimes even burnt

Specialist in the scientific study of plants

Support at the top of a seat, for the noggin

Pours downwards rapidly

Cutting hair with a machine

Involuntary reactions to stimuli

Withdraw a claim, concede an argument

Collections of dwellings in the countryside

At this precise moment

Group 442

Puzzle 1

Fall over and over, like in gymnastics

Swiss international diplomatic meetings city

Spanish city with Real and Atletico football clubs

Don’t walk under this climbing apparatus, for luck

A pursuer, a predator

Still, not moving

__ in Pink, Brat Pack film directed by John Hughes

Famous American blonde hotel heiress, Paris ___

Stopped the car

Shakespeare’s Two Gentlemen were from here

Carriage __, mechanism on a typewriter

Human bone often called the tailbone

Sound of excitement

Puzzle 2

Kate __, Titanic and The Reader actress

Smoke and __, a distraction technique or cover-up

Art made from scratched metal

__ violet, potted plant also called Saintpaulia

Puzzling or enigmatic, e.g. crossword clues

One who tells fortunes by studying hands

Money paid as recompense in legal cases

Distributing playing cards

Classifying waste into paper, glass, plastic, etc

Iraq’s capital

An expert who works in a lab

__ blues, music genre from Illinois major city

Fire-breathing, mythical beasts

With a leg on each side of a horse

Puzzle 3

Inexpensive, like earth

Pick up burgers here without leaving a car

Venetian canal boat operator

Michael Jackson has a star on the __ Walk of Fame

This country has the Internet domain .SM

Soft cover book, not hard cover

Flat case for carrying artwork

Stomping off in an exaggerated or angry manner

Inspiration, guidance, impact

Meeting a watery grave

Another word for a rhytidectomy


Carves letters into

Concrete pole in the street illuminated on top

“Familiarity breeds __”

Constrain someone or something

“__ when you’re not strong & I’ll be your friend”

Animal whose diet includes both animals and plants

They separate seats on a plane

Ocean where the island of Ilha Grande is located

Puzzle 5

Planned, strategic, calculated, of military moves

“__ at the bit” means impatient and raring to go

Worthy of being copied or aped


Hunger Games actress Jennifer __

People capable of front crawl, breaststroke etc

Whine, moan

Flattened or crushed

Capital of Sierra Leone

Group 443

Puzzle 1

Lions, and __, and bears. Oh, my!

A round shape

A business’ consumer

Akashi, longest suspension bridge in the world

Wooden storage boxes repurposed as furniture


Long boots for fishing

A cockatoo is this type of bird

Evening meal

Disappear as in a magic trick

Puzzle 2

Bit by bit

The study of planets and other objects in space

Very strong bonding liquid

Irritable and bad-tempered

An Italian cheese; anagram of “poor novel”

Speaking from the pulpit

Term for a plant that lives more than two years

Prize given for excellence in Broadway theatre

Group of musicians with metal instruments

Puzzle 3

Human gland that secretes insulin

World’s most widely used man-made material

Extended journey in a motor vehicle

Inputs the wrong number on a phone

One-handed sweeping basketball play

Declared in law unable to pay outstanding debts

Damsel in __, a cue for a hero to arrive

Heavy rainfall

Pipe fitters or fixers

Scavenger birds of prey

Game of deducing the identities of people

Bearded, trendy folk

One half, one third, one quarter are all examples

Cut of meat, sock puppet with TV show

Puzzle 4

Worked dough with hands

Without a break, incessant

Overlaying a new soundtrack to a movie


Hanoi is this country’s capital

Like rubbing a lamp, power to make dreams true

Cut angles into a gemstone

The carrying of goods from one place to another

Government document allowing one to drive


2014 FIFA World Cup winner

Puzzle 5

Most quick-witted tool in the box

Elimination tournament at end of NBA season

Distorted representation of something

Flying toy discs

A dividing line

Left a job

An animal that stalks and kills other animals

Approves, endorses

Area along the seashore, with crashing waves

Makes ahead of time

Areas of thick skin on the hands from hard work

Group 444

Puzzle 1

Song by Duran Duran: __ Like the Wolf

Walking aid to those with a limp

Inflated cushion invented for car safety

Vestments worn by nuns

People who make bread

Himalayan person who guides climbers on Everest

Language where “mazel tov” means congratulations

Fish sign of the zodiac

__ famine, Irish disaster of the 1840s

Homo sapiens

Country bordering Guatemala on the north

Self-service dining option

Palm tree fibre used to weave mats and baskets

Feel-good TV show with a hero rough collie star

Puzzle 2

Slap palms with another in celebration

Legendary king of Ithaca whom Homer wrote about

__ Games, competition for injured ex-servicemen

The action of setting something on fire

Study and treatment of tumors

On a long run you might stop to have one of these

Personal set of clothes or furniture it’s kept in

Leaving empty

Five-armed sea creature

Puzzle 3


Anagram of “the plane”; another word for pachyderm

Avalanche of wet earth

Beginning of a symphony

Art templates with cut-out designs

Suffered a technical malfunction

Sudden, unexpected good fortune

Removing covering from peas

Those holding unorthodox or sacrilegious views

Ran rapidly

Cowboy movies

Chilling, putting one’s feet up

Promising solemnly

Throat tissues, can be removed with tonsils

Slot __ are found in a casino

Colourless alkaloid, active constituent of tobacco

Logical, well-reasoned

Sign of the zodiac comes first alphabetically

Freedom to travel, expanse of tarmac ahead

Puzzle 4

Moved away from the path

A corridor in a building

An act of moving slowly or heavily

Utter nonsense, or a pig taking a bath

Small Greek cafe or restaurant

Circling indentations on LPs

Leader of the ship

The second of Prince Harry’s four names

The Ottomans replaced these in Asia Minor

Elephant relative, wooly __

Marriage, matrimony

Heavy objects lifted for muscle-building

Puzzle 5

Mammal with a pouch

Some say it’s the sincerest form of flattery

German city home to the European Central Bank

Undergarments worn to give a smooth appearance

He was pursued relentlessly by Elmer Fudd

Original arcade Luigi game before it became super

Naughtily enter the frame when the shutter clicks

Vagueness, indistinctness, confusion

Two __ of Verona, by Shakespeare

Hired killers of important people

Ill, and confined to a sleeping place

Group 445

Puzzle 1

Branch of biology cocnerning the function of cells

Title of popular French-Canadian song about a lark

Buzz Lightyear’s famous phrase, To ___ and beyond!

Ascending a staircase

Shook with fear

Ladies’ undergarments, often fancy and lacy

Significant others

Fell apart like a dry cake

China’s biggest city

An unimportant, unknown person, not a celebrity

Uniform worn by nurses in a hospital

Offer an explanation of

__ beetles were sacred to ancient Egyptians

-Elysees, famous tree-lined Parisian avenue

Scamper like a mouse

Big tennis or golf tournament in North America

St Francis of __, man who founded the Franciscans

__ dipping, open-air bathing in the nude

Puzzle 3

Shortcut to make daily existence much easier

Official orders

Waste recklessly

Laughing like a witch

Envious Queen song

Not looking forward to at all, scared of doing it

Debtor agreement on a house

Musical shows

The __ Zone, TV sci-fi with a twist in the tail

They appear in snow, quartz and sugar

Knife with a bumpy blade edge

Describes the horseman in Sleepy Hollow

Moistened disposable towels for personal hygiene

Puzzle 4

Finality, wrapping up loose ends

Force by which the Earth keeps us grounded

Famous street in New Orleans

Gym worker

Played a joke on


One-night stay between flights

A king or a queen

Favourite place for kids to buy playthings

Butterflies, beetles and flies are these

Replenishes battery life

Puzzle 5

Lax in morals, self-indulgent

Medieval singers or musicians

Identity booklets for tourists

Wireless technology that connects phone to watch

Replacement head covering like a wig or toupee

New __, name given to New York by Dutch colonists

Public transport worker

All; hotel, with meals as part of the package

Final conclusive maneuver in chess

Final chuckle

A widespread feeling of upset

Group 446

Puzzle 1

Wile E. Coyote chased the Road __

Mediterranean island invaded by Turkey in 1974

In advance of, prior to an event

Fashionable garments to prevent cooking stains

Brothers who invented planes

Divided into two, equally

Excessive admiration of one’s own appearance

Player competing in his inaugural NBA season

Tiny rodent kept as a pet

Mistakes, inaccuracies

Puzzle 2

For every action there is an equal and opposite __

Treasured, priceless, valued and loved

Belgium’s capital

A piece of paper money

Food traditionally eaten to observe Shrove Tuesday

Demeans, cheapens

Elephant-like sea mammals with tusks and flippers

Our galaxy

Destiny’s Child member with Rowland and Knowles

Tiredness, lack of energy, fatigue

Lasting for a very short time

Puzzle 3

Type of cuisine that often uses water chestnuts

Natives of Aleppo or Damascus, for example

US whiskey made with corn

Made a nuisance of oneself online

Windmill-like structure that generates electricity

Santana’s 1970 album featuring “Oye Como Va”

England’s largest castle

Home city for the Maple Leafs hockey team

Month when Three Kings Day is celebrated

Memorable phrases, used in advertising

Water bird, big beak, e.g. Nigel in Finding Nemo

At last, ultimately, in the end

Puzzle 4

the shortest of all jokes

Netflix series about British royals

Shoreline watery environment for crabs

The abundant gas in Saturn’s atmosphere

Fear and Loathing in __, Hunter S. Thompson tale

sorrowful for one’s sins

Indian Ocean island republic popular with tourists

Four-wheeled, all-terrain vehicle with handlebars

Place where animated comic characters live

__ Rhapsody, Queen’s biggest hit and movie

Greek coins until the euro was adopted

US motorways without tolls

In the manner of a female sibling

Puzzle 5

Facade, guise, pretense

Swimming-pool employee who saves drowning folk

Charm and beguile someone, enthrall them

Gaze of the populous

False or artificial

Insect pupa, especially of butterflies

Illumination at the front of a car

People who live on land masses surrounded by water

Diseases that spread far and wide

Doorway, entrance

Novel by Jane Austen: __ Park

Makeup for children at parties

Strip around the top of trousers or a skirt

Group 447

Puzzle 1

Making angry, provoking fury

Intellectual, scholarly

Surprise, amaze

Broken or ruptured

Cons, anagram of windless

More familiar name for the trachea

Killing of a king

Italian region of Monza, Bergamo and Milan

Coffee made without hot water

Religious places of worship for Christians

Puzzle 2

January in French

Berry-type fruit of a popular flower used in tea

Singing on the streets for money

Peter Piper picked a peck of __ peppers

The state of being overweight

A small piece or fragment

Praise, lift high


Varnish, gloss, glaze

Puzzle 3

Furniture for playing bridge on

Pomegranate syrup

Poke one’s nose in where it isn’t wanted

Provide money by raising it through many people

Assembling information

They built pyramids in Africa

Lawyer’s statement in court when they don’t agree

Condition that makes people unable to see

Fleet of cars for a president or dignitary

Eight squared

Wanted, needed, something attractive and enviable

Puzzle 4

Craft of making T-shirts with string and colouring

A dozen

Separate article or stipulation in a contract

Positive and upbeat

__ Watchers, meetings and points help slim down

Electronic novels

Period when Mycenaean culture flourished: __ Age

Motto, or advertising phrase

Usual, recurring, everyday

Mischievous imp-like creature

Began a new day, the sunrise came

Puzzle 5

The length between two points

Mirage, hallucination

Deep open crack, like in a glacier

Where VIPs sit at Wimbledon

Seeks, tries to find

Of the Christian holy book

Ralph Breaks the __, Wreck-It Ralph’s sequel

Person who campaigns to bring about social change

Group 448

Puzzle 1

Saturday Night’s Alright for __, Elton John

Murderer of an important person

Strong Italian coffee in a small cup

Greek island, film location for Mamma Mia!

Moved faster than a competitor

Chinese interior decor rules for good luck

Big, colorful ring for exercise and fun

In-depth study or examination of research

In the sky, directly above

Edie __, 60s actress-model, muse of Andy Warhol

No longer useful

Graphical portrayal of statistical slices

Jean-Paul __, French haute couture designer

Puzzle 2

A state of anxiety or nervous excitement

Making someone lose courage, disheartening

Most robust and well built

Firm abdominals named after this laundry equipment


Famous cranky feline from the Internet

__ Laurent, fashion designer who made female tux

Super fine, displaying grandeur

General name for paintings of people

Puzzle 3

Ant-like insect that eats wood

Slow thin stream of water

Power or small position on basketball team

Wanted dead __, posters seeking fugitives

Cards requesting someone’s appearance at an event

Losing hair

Whittling wood for a statue

Ripped with a blade

They performed A Hard Day’s Night, The __

Stirred an omelette mix

The __ Machine, Scooby-Doo’s camper van

Finding a spot for the car

Puzzle 4


Only non-Scandanvian country bordering Finland

Revolt at sea

Sign of the zodiac runs from April to May

Name given to a rodent used in experimentation

Spanish word for “name”

__ Brick Road, Elton John said goodbye to this

Sign up to join the military

Chess piece also known as a rook

Jason __, Ludlum’s character played by Matt Damon

Also called green onions

Exclusive group that excludes outsiders

Back teeth

One enjoying a swim

Swap places with someone

Puzzle 5

Holy battles or demonstrations for a cause

Rookie, starter

Become twisted or caught up in

Powered by amps and watts

What you wear

French Impressionist of the Boulevard Montmartre

Humanitarian society founded by Henry Dunant

Repeatedly pestered, like a black and white mammal

Chucking or __ salt over the shoulder for luck

Use something to maximum advantage

Space for children’s fun

Frozen fruit on a stick

Group 449

Puzzle 1

Committee of minds reporting to a government

Thin slice of meat, breaded and fried

A large number

Huge, flightless birds with large eggs, big eyes

Becoming thinner or less wide

Rectangular panel behind basketball hoop


Shelf for flavourings such as cinnamon

Michael Meyer’s killing spree film

Stenographer, assistant

Making a difference to someone

Puzzle 2

Encompass, encircle

Royal spouses

Footwear string

An EEG reading indicating cardiac arrest or death

Blowin’ in the Wind writer/singer

Dozing, taking a nap

Where drugs are bought with a prescription

Making a hole to find oil

Sherlock Holmes’ adversary, the Napoleon of Crime

Lifesaving first aid technique: __ maneuver

Container has tiered compartments for art supplies

Chuck Taylor basketball shoe manufacturers

Practice of abstaining from animal products

Puzzle 3

Animals that prey or hunt

Capital of Iceland

Superfluous, no longer needed or useful

Baffled and confused

Tears for Fears song: __ Wants to Rule the World

Moving nervously because of embarrassment

TV-show host

Arrogant, vain

Malcolm X was assassinated in 19__

Home for an agriculturist

Sign of the zodiac runs from December to January

Puzzle 4

Stalking animals to kill for food

A family gathering

Circus performer who throws items in the air

Changes back to original state

Cellophane or plastic enclosing food or other item

Large mythological apelike forest dweller

__ Valley, the nickname of Santa Clara Valley, CA

Trouble, torment

Cut hair a little bit

Edible oval-shaped nuts that are high in Vitamin E

Unripe fruit in the Thai salad called som tam

Money transfer brand once owned by eBay

Sudden and involuntary muscle contractions

Sunday __ Sunday, U2 track about The Troubles

Mumbai before 1996

Says hi, welcomes someone

Wax burner for safely removing ear wax

Robert __, wrote The Bourne Supremacy

City location of Red Square

Describes a curve, an eyebrow say

Male bees in a colony

__ in distress, fairytale maiden needs saving

Group 450

Puzzle 1

Three-sided structure that supports a portal

Shocking and appalling

National bird of the United States

Watching and noticing the details

City at the northern end of the Golden Gate Bridge

Technical term for bad breath

Policies, dogmas, guidelines

Muscular partition between chest and abdomen

Very frightened

Puzzle 2

Clickable text that leads to a website

The crispy skin found on pork

Russian Communist leader, Mikhail __

Long life

Hump Day in Spanish

Congeal, like blood

Revolving device used to water lawns

Debauchery, dissoluteness, degeneracy

The state of puzzlement or bewilderment

The girl in Hunchback of Notre Dame

Device that creates electrical energy

Very close-fitting clothing

Insect with decorative wings

Large Spanish estates or ranches

Puzzle 3

YOLO, or you only __

Rex __, taught My Fair Lady’s Eliza to talk proper

Interjection asking for more information

__ mile, a distance measure at sea

Like a boat that’s been turned over in the water

Non-typical, different to the usual

Float and raise, as in a magician’s trick

In golf, a do-over of a poor shot

TV’s sci-fi mission aboard the USS Enterprise

These animals pull Santa’s sleigh

In mythology, the food of the gods

Discarded, threw away

Puzzle 4

Books of Christian songs

Risks, speculates, bets

Cooked in an oven

Line where the earth meets the sky

Made small changes

Like a flawed vase or shattered mirror

__ McConaughey stars in Dallas Buyers Club

Outdoor structure for flames

The __ Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Acute conjunctivitis

Sandy shores

Cosmetic added to lips to make them look larger

Spanish word for “heart”

Blue bird social media site with tweets

Puzzle 5

Fashionable, up to the minute, stylish

Break through a barrier

Maker of Barbie

Disparage, denigrate

Narrow tidal inlets

Job of fictional character Ebenezer Scrooge

Small horses

Song by Bryan Adams: ” __ of ’69”

Rafter’s challenge

__ Camera, first of the hidden camera shows

Sign of the zodiac runs from February to March

Group 451

Puzzle 1

Inventive, imaginative, inspired

Decorative cardboard outers for food and goods

What mascara is applied to

Mode of walking of a model down a catwalk

Used to censor genitals on ancient statues

Moscow piazza

Commentators, critics, assessors

Basketball brand with Jumpman logo

Can be replenished, e.g. green energy sources

Accelerate progress or an application

Glee’s choirmaster; Will __, aka Mr Shue

Puzzle 2

Scooby Doo’s human companion

Portuguese shrine, site of apparitions of Mary

Rock of __, seat of the Irish kings of Munster

Look over

Read aloud from memory, often of poetry

Known as the Aloha State

Equines, big ponies

Giving a weapon to

__ late than never

Least common

Slang term for one who takes bets

Skill involved in playing charades

Italian pies topped with cheese, sauce, pepperoni

Puzzle 3

Russian astronaut, such as Yuri Gagarin

Hearing, e.g. a radio show

Where businessmen might carry their documents

50s nostalgia show with Richie, Joanie and Fonzie

Canadian actor and comedian of Austin Powers hits

Sci-fi genre devoted to the Industrial Revolution

Spoke out in support of

Container for pen fluid

Punch the clock

Non-furry, peach-like fruit

Second largest of the Greek Dodecanese islands

Best score available at each stage of a golf game

Vehicle for the injured

Dangerous mire that sucks the unwary under

Plastic or glass dome with wintry scene inside

Puzzle 4


Walt Disney tale of a rabbit joining the police

Name of two recent popes

Throw shade at someone via Twitter

Truncated, terminated ahead of time

Danish __, sweet dough snacks

Catching an animal

Capital of Hungary

Reduce in number

Blowy, windy, gusty

A cancer of the lymphatic system

Puzzle 5

Came out from a hiding place

__ Pass, series of hairpin roads in Italian Alps

Holden Caulfield is the lead of The __ in the Rye

Short sleeps

A feeling or premonition

Mocking, poking fun at

Lack of rain, causing environmental issues

Building for processing lumber

Calendar month of birth of John Lennon

Group 452

Puzzle 1

Insect-eating mammal with long nose and tongue

Loafer, waster, layabout

Concerned with office work

A hot or cold drink

Team game involving ale and table tennis balls

__ Beauty, Aurora’s story

Two runners or horses finishing a race level

Grasping, holding onto something tightly

Ceramic container in which metals are melted

When a thread goes OT, it means this

Spins around in a circle

Italian island above Sicily

Male monarch with power over lesser monarchs

Reboot of Conan Doyle’s tales starring Cumberbatch

The opposite of weakness

Surname of Spanish singers Julio and son, Enrique

Puzzle 2

__ Express, Andrew Lloyd Webber show on wheels

To the same scale as reality

Two-piece garment worn by an athlete

Facebook-owned photo site

Nut-eating mammals that you might see at the park

Dates by which something should be completed

Tiny plants just emerging from the earth

Simon the __, Apostle of Jesus aka the Zealot

Control mechanism for pressure or speed, say

To have an advantage, to be dominant

Spreading, radiating from

She guides you to a seat in a cinema

Italian leader who joined forces with Hitler

Elvis __, rhyming nickname for the King

Chocolate ice cream with nuts and marshmallow

Puzzle 3

Prevent someone from breathing, smother

Twisting, hurting a joint, like an ankle or wrist

Utterance of magician drawing a rabbit from a hat

A reminder of the past

First name of first woman in space

The most powerful

Penalties, often used in international politics

Renewable energy generated by air flow


Puzzle 4

A bicycle wheel has many

From the Asian country where New Delhi is found

Hangs sadly


Formal list of things to do in a meeting

Bruce __, star of the Die Hard series

Damage someone’s reputation

Flounce in a skirt, or to disturb a tot’s hair

Reproductive cells produced by fungi and plants

Puzzle 5

Wants, longs for something

35th U.S. president, nicknamed “Jack”

Forename of former British prime minister Attlee

Bull fighter

A legally recognized inhabitant

To be in __ with someone is to plot together

Abandon, desert

Large jug for water


These must be kept and not told

Rigid devices to immobilise broken bones

Movement downhill of water, as in a waterfall

Long passageway in a building such as a school

Debatably, possibly, questionably

The Sound of Silence : “Hello __ my old friend”

A vegetarian’s meal could be described this way

Generic description of a knight, pawn, bishop, say

One who steers a ship

The queenly name of Hong Kong’s harbour

Mirror for checking what’s behind a car

Disney classic music film, released in 1940

Amsterdam airport

Puzzle 2

__ Crow sang the Bond theme Tomorrow Never Dies

Carry one of these squirrel nuts for luck

Back exercise started in a hanging position

Spock’s home planet

Woollen round flat hats, linked to the French

Come __ look, a tempting, flirtatious invite

Nickname of any person from Australia

Sad, like a Greek play

Video recorder for e.g. Skype calls from computer

Acid __, heartburn from regurgitation

Not showy or elaborate

Puzzle 3


Program on the airwaves

Study of the history of words

Obsession with fire

Find out for certain, establish something is true

Stubborn, obstinate, porcine-skulled

When workers stop for refreshment

What plates get washed in

Consensus, accord, unanimity

Shopping plastic, takes money from a bank account

Scientist specializing in the study of animals

Puzzle 4

She mimicked Marilyn’s pink dress in Material Girl

Language specific to a region or social group

Regular tours made by security guards

Hebrew religion

Spear thrown in athletics

Small dog of a breed that hunts & digs

A brief break from effort

Satin bows and ties for securing bouquets

Taco Bell made this Mexican wrap a breakfast item

__ Knot, a complicated problem according to legend

A long hair growing from the snout of a cat

Puzzle 5

Throat membrane that produces sounds

The existing state of affairs

Small French or German dog with curly hair

Young males employed in church singing

XXII in Roman numerals

Biblical writing


Used in refusing to answer a question

Unappreciated, unrewarded, generally of a task

Length of time food is fit for sale

Walked or moved unsteadily

Person who possesses terrain

Operations to make visages look younger

Group 454

Puzzle 1

Loaves of French bread shaped like long sticks

Mysterious, like a puzzle

Ride a bicycle without pedalling

State of not moving, quietness

Scientific study of all the water on earth

An anatomical part that’s not so amusing if hit

__ point, where two parallel lines appear to meet

Offensive curse term

Skill of making things from wood

TV’s fashion mag assistant who wore braces

A military unit

Bad dream at night

In Roman numerals, XXXI

Puzzle 2

Wooden covering for patio

Vending machine of music

Country of the Thousand Lakes

Sarah Ferguson’s royal title: __ of York

-edge means at the forefront of a technology

To leave someone somewhere, e.g. kids at school

The least shallow

Crinkled hair, with waves from a styling iron

Woman who receives or entertains guests

A small case or container that is cylindrical

Egg-laying mammal

Puzzle 3

Sale of goods to the public

Cup for winning at sport

Sordid, dirty, disreputable

Hat style that rhymes with a form of poetry

__ fever, a severe form of malaria

Carl Sagan’s popular science show of 1980

Facing and dealing with responsibilities, problems

Amaze, impress, astonish

Swan Lake is a famous one

Useful container for building sandcastles


Elton John’s birth surname

Bring into being

Island with the Internet domain suffix TW

Siddhartha Gautama

Puzzle 4

Catches, seizes, apprehends

To transfer data from one computer to another

Earns, merrits

They come home to roost

Stripped off, undressed

Fungi you grate over dishes

Deep and meaningful

Nationality of director Akira Kurosawa

Moving violently from side to side, as on a bus

In betting, a long-shot, not likely to win

Type of water-based interior paint

Puzzle 5

Conclusive, certain, for sure

Make-believe, sham

Shadowing, following undercover

Country where Satpara Lake is located

Heavy farming vehicles

Medical disorder characterized by seizures

Soft pliable footwear worn in the house

Natural illumination, not during night-time

Round metal container that holds chemicals

First American Idol winner, Kelly __

__ Prime, commander before Optimus in Transformers

Individual iced sweet bakes, in paper cases

Group 455

Puzzle 1

Items, whatchamacallits, gadgets, stuff

Arrival, of Christmas especially

Human organ that destroys old red blood cells

Not tied or fastened, e.g. shoelaces

Cornstarch and cold water sauce thickener

“Say hello to my little __” – Scarface

Blue and purple painful mark on the skin

Tall formal headgear for a gentleman

Largest city in Southern Italy

Throwing game of small hoops over posts

Brutus stabbed Caesar with this

President __ Obama

Eeyore is often associated with this mood

Image and video-hosting website

Unqualified practising doctors, charlatans, frauds

Long, sharp hunting sticks

Racehorse with a good chance of winning

Puzzle 2

Answering telephone calls: __ the phones

Receptacles for drinking chai or oolong

Frenchman who penned the play Tartouffe

Scotland’s biggest city

“To err is human, to __ is divine”

Plastic to open the door of a hotel room

Makes unhappy

Occupy the same space peacefully

Marx brother with moustache and cigar

Scissor-like tools for cutting roses down to size

Vine tomatoes, to be eaten at their best

Tooth doctor

__ Kant, German philosopher of the 18th century

__ return, typewriter part used at end of a line

Knocking someone down, especially in football

Physical force, aggression, carnage

Famous blonde British supermodel

Gathering closely together

Reptile with a hard shell, often lives as a pet

Red salad fruits, with cherry or plum varieties

Female singing star of Calamity Jane

Able to bend easily

Brave, fearless, daring

Auld __, Scots poem by Robert Burns

Sweat, swelter

Puzzle 4

Ancient Greek author of the play Antigone

Cosmologist and author of The Dragons of Eden

Luxury stretch car

Highlighting the key points

Inner human timer that adjusts to light and dark

Never ending or changing

Plays DiCaprio’s The Wolf of Wall Street co-worker

A container that holds a roll of film

Tropical fish with protruding teeth

Fusilade of big guns, like on the queen’s birthday

Nat King Cole sang that they roast on open fires

Number of the century we’re living in now

Person hired to adorn a house

Planet that orbits a star outside the solar system


Puzzle 5

Plastic named for its inventor Leo Baekland

Essence of big bird for cooking roast potatoes

Widespread disease

The most resilient and tough


__ are Forever, a gem of a hit for Shirley Bassey

Still, bad pond water

Not elderly, sprightly

Profile of soffits, gutters, tiles, gables

Consumer goods brand known for shaving products

Rocket launchers that are short tubes

Pots made from clay hardened by heat


Disciplines a person for a crime

Group 456

Puzzle 1

Dark purple fruit, called aubergine in the UK

He voiced Woody in Toy Story

A Knight’s religious and moral code

Fabric piece worn to keep hair off the face

Summarised again

__ de Compostela, shrine and capital of Galicia

Adjective describes agricultural and rural life

Long ago, unsolved crime

Powerful ruler who governs with force

Sore loser

Italian motorcyclist with the most world titles

A person who expresses disagreement with something

Puzzle 2

Describes a rough or harsh-sounding voice

Arrange, categorize, classify

Go from A to B


An exit for a pipe or sewer

South __, US state, the location of Mount Rushmore

Show of floats and marching through a town

Partition between the nostrils that can be pierced

The offspring of a lion and a female tiger

Bad-tempered, like the Internet cat

Puzzle 3

Pisces, Libra and Virgo are all these

Dextrous board game, sees removal of body parts


Water vessel propelled by vapor

Completely soaked

Brad Pitt film about illicit boxing group

Alanis __, singer who released Jagged Little Pill

Taking someone into custody

With varying, changeable moods

Holy bovine

Term for a short-lived insect

Hypersensitivities caused by fur, food, pollen etc

Cloth used to cover someone’s eyes

Debt __, person who gathers outstanding payments

Horrified, utterly embarrassed

Puzzle 4

Subcutaneous fat causing dimpling of the skin

Soft animal toy named after American president

A room used for communal meals

Fatty underside of pig

Simon and __, musical duo sang Scarborough Fair

Note-taking system like Isaac Pitman’s

State of delicate breakability

Made stronger

Musical and film that centre on Tracy Turnblad

Film studio whose name is above all

A monarch

A stitch in time does this

Satisfaction, bliss, contentment

Flat surface for religious observance

Generic cartoon character with extra-special power

Queens of the jungle

Puzzle 5

Plant leaves, collectively


Took evasive driving action to go around something

Makes possible for someone to do something

Straight line touching a curve but not crossing it

Strong desire for a certain food

Swiss buildings, often ski lodges

Spring __; young poultry, or even a young human

Metal pole with weights on it

British __, the UK’s carrier

Shoes without ties, laces, buckles or straps

Beauty treatments and massage for the visage

Untidy, messy

Ten lords a in The Twelve Days of Christmas

Group 457

Puzzle 1

Slope, incline

Sit on eggs to hatch

Makes it out alive

Mythical island speculated about by Ancient Greeks

Afflictions, illnesses

Disposable drinking vessel

Eavesdrop, listen in on

In The Aristocats, O’Malley was proudly one

__ Aniston, Rachel Green from Friends

Refreshing drink of citrus juice and sugar

Jungle Book panther

Puzzle 2

Long, thin rice used in Indian cuisine

Closing a long fastening on a coat

Likely to snap easily

Pressed button on a computer mouse

Avoided, steered clear of

Fabric window covering

Person who looks after passengers on a ship, plane

__ Road, Bangkok, home to global backpackers

Tattered, scruffy

Road that goes nowhere

Natalie Portman’s nationality at birth

Puzzle 3

Disease that was once known as hydrophobia

Perfume company with interlocking back-to-back Cs

The seven __ sins include greed, sloth, wrath

Capital of Gambia

__ pork, dish where cooked meat is shredded

Provide with goods

Luxuriously and expensively stylish

Sign of the zodiac runs from May to June

Dial M for __, Hitchcock film with Ray Milland

Loss of the football without being tackled

Not in view, hidden, unnoticed

Number; two ones, side by side

Large public sculpture

Stradivarius made this instrument

Third place metal in an Olympic event

Puzzle 4

Newspaper scoop

Large chamber of the heart

Term for a draw in chess

Excessive sideways curvature of the spine

What you need to have to avoid being easily hurt

Europe’s highest active volcano, on Sicily

Comb with narrow and very close together teeth

Viral pet disease of coughing, fever

Exactness, meticulousness

Counting on

Caracas is this country’s capital

Our Lady, in French

Manmade lake behind a hydroelectric dam

Not a long flight

Bananas that can be cooked

Garments worn beneath clothes

Don’t Stop ‘Til You __, 1979 MJ hit

Puzzle 5

Spread, scatter

Company that brews Amstel beer

Peter Pan’s friends in Neverland

With impurities removed

Easily persuaded or controlled

Hair that comes again after removal

Sacrificed, someone who died for a cause

Closed __, subtitles on a TV show

The ability to move

Be in bed at night unable to sleep

To draw something with no supplementary tools

Marvel mutant with the powers of Phoenix Force

Solidified, e.g. a friendship

Group 458

Puzzle 1

Cover or seal paper with a layer of plastic

Just one can spoil the whole fruit barrel

Feminine, behaving like a well-to-do female


Sound emerges from these in a music system

Peaky __, gangster show starring Cillian Murphy

Swaps something around

Person who finances a film

Characteristic of low-pressure whirlwind

Give an actor a role based on their appearance

This number comes after thirteen

Fetus nourishment

US term for military leave

Competitive buying of weapons by nations

Field ball sport that uses netted sticks

Skin abrasion left by an attacking dog

Puzzle 2

__ flu pandemic of 1918, left over 50 million dead

Vincent __, The Starry Night painter

__ Isles, series of islands off northern France

Michael __, lead figure in dance troupe Riverdance

Alert, notification of danger

Mr. Chipping’s profession in Goodbye Mr. Chips

Remarkably stupid, idiotic

__ Sachs, global financial services corporation

A scheduled stop on a metro or railway journey

Fashion designer mentioned by Peter Sarstedt

Large pebbles secured in concrete paths

Gentle exercise like yoga, invented by Joseph __

Leisure vehicle originally associated with gypsies

Puzzle 3

A birthstone for December

The Haunting of __, Netflix spooky horror series

Protection against a loss or a financial burden

Italian for appetizer

Destructive spinning column of air

Miniature wooden stick for cleaning after meals

Tired and completely drained

Potterworld village where no Muggles go

Structure of hexagonal cells in a hive

Child’s small shed built in the boughs

Antonym of knowledge

Perform music without access to a score

Unanimity, agreement, accord

Puzzle 4

Pats down for contraband


Capital of Bavaria

Wholesome and substantial

Small room for prayer

Clothing, dress, clothes

Claws or nails, like on a bird of prey

Teased, made fun of someone

First name of George Washington’s wife

US music award

False belief or notion, figment of the imagination

Goodbye in French

Attending a party uninvited

Midway break in many sports

Processing plant for crude oil

Making a hollow bubbling sound

States of no change after a period of progress

Creatures with body of a lion & head of an eagle


Opening of a cinema run or theatre season

Flavor of fennel, star anise, and absinthe

Thick stick with a heavy end, used as a weapon

Jewellery worn around the wrist

Group 459

Puzzle 1

Neat, like a tidy boat

Light wind from the ocean

Expert in the field of chemistry or physics

Sitting lazily

Plunged, plummeted from a height

Anthony -Jones, wed Princess Margaret in 1960

Moves from one’s home country to live in another

Place for art or museum exhibitions

Six-sided frozen ice cluster

Elephant-type creature in Winnie-the-Pooh

Piercing headaches with nausea

First ancient people known to use hieroglyphics

Move towards, be drawn to

Failed 1961 attempt to unseat Cuban leader Castro

Jerking involuntarily

Puzzle 2

Car door security to protect kids

Chinese seed-based cooking liquid

One __, former boy band

German city, scene of post-WWII trials

Arsenal FC plays in this South American country

Confused, puzzled, questioning

Drinking establishment during Prohibition

This number comes directly after a quarter century

Foiling, standing in the way of

Version or performance

Nutrition specialist who prepares meals

Those marooned on a desert island

Puzzle 3

__ tape, adhesive used to mark off painting areas

To support something or make it stronger

__ Navratilova, tennis star

Drizzling to pouring

Den, safe house

Liquid to lower temperature of an engine

__ your breath, a way of stopping hiccups

Placebo recipients in a research study: __ group

__ Road, Bruce Springsteen song on Born to Run

Reptiles including geckos

Their hands are raised at auction

Examining, investigating

Makes someone happy by good actions

Very big armaments on castles

Devices for warming rooms

Desirable or useful feature or service

Sausages and potatoes in the UK: __ and mash

Puzzle 4

Enclosed by brick or stone boundaries

Container for several animals to drink from

Four-leaved ones are lucky

Edgar’s scheming brother in King Lear

Don Draper is center-stage of the 60s ad agency

Word used to describe the UK leaving the EU

Film depicting blue humanoids living on Pandora

Lebanon’s largest city

Root with a zing, used in teas, curries, cakes

Gives plants essential liquid to live

Physically weak, frail or delicate

Puzzle 5

Devastating, severe, often of emotional blows

Summer biter, and not just of equines

Measuring with a device, anagram of regiment

Taken in by the police

The wide sleeves on 80s garments

Twisting, spinning – especially with a ribbon

Clenches, clings to

Places where baseball pitchers warm up

When the heart muscle relaxes and lets blood in

Mental fever, confusion or disorientation

Spartan King who insisted on fighting Xerxes

Edible part of clawed crustacean

Wooden house in the forest

Group 460

Puzzle 1

Dorothy __, star of Porgy and Bess, Carmen Jones

He is nipping at your nose in The Christmas Song

To do with the body

Is more important than something else

Hunter, scrounger, bird who feeds off carcasses

One who studies the past

Someone who is popular and fashionable

Medical description of a tumour likely to spread

Lamp pointed at an actor on stage

Describes ink that can’t be removed or altered

Puzzle 2

Increase the volume

Largest planet in the solar system

Cancels a law

Walter __, partnered Jack Lemmon in The Odd Couple

Miraculous, amazing, beyond belief

Plot revelation in advance

Sharp bend in a road

Venus, Jupiter and Mars are these

Doctor __, Marvel superhero, Sorcerer Supreme

Stove-top coffee-making container

__ bread, leavened, cooked in clay oven

Words that describe actions

Puzzle 3

Forget time or purpose

Person who adds words to TV shows for the deaf

Lamb casserole from the Emerald Isle

Geological terms for scratches on a rock surface

Arnold __, supposed fixer of the 1919 World Series

Strip of road edge dedicated to bikes

Deer-like African and Asian animals

Mineral gemstone used as a diamond substitute

Mid-range hotel rating

Flattering words designed to inveigle or persuade

Absolute __, post-war London portrait by MacInnes

Taut strands of an archer’s weapon

Greek Island known for its white coastal houses

Laurel wreath is the symbol of this sports company

Something having the shape of a cross

Ill days, away from work

UK money-making factory

Horror director, creator of Freddy Kreuger

Puzzle 4

The __, like Dorothy’s footwear for Kate Bush

Termination, discontinuation, closure

Illegal hunting for game and fish

Sweet or savoury patties cooked in batter

__ Ford, acted with Pitt in The Devil’s Own

Owner of the film that caught the Kennedy killing

Straight-sided tubes for holding liquids in a lab

What Nellie the Elephant packed

Goes with fixtures, part of the make up of a house

Month when Father’s Day is celebrated in Thailand

He abandons allegiance to his home country

Dig out earth with a large machine

Goes with fear in Hunter S Thompson’s tale

Leftovers, often said of fabric

Used ears to pay attention to something spoken

Puzzle 5

French word for cake

Ancient Indian city, site of the Great Stupa

Sign of the zodiac runs from June to July

__ Street is Europe’s busiest shopping street

Categories of film type, like horror or comedy

Books for photographs

Kampala is the capital of this country

Slang for face, anagram of skiers

__ Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday